Belching Roten Eggs and Diarrhea

Updated on April 19, 2011
J.B. asks from New Albany, IN
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I have an appointment to see my doctor, but in the meantime, would love to know if anyone else has experienced this and what helped. About once a week, I will be awakened in the middle of the night with belches that taste like rotten eggs, and then the next morning I have diarrhea that is frequent, and sometimes yellowish in tiint. Immodium and eating the BRAT diet will stop the diarrhea. I also have diabetes, so this complicates that when I cannot eat normally. Most days I do not have much of an appetite and get full easily. Gallstones run in my family, and I am on Pravachol for cholesterol. I also take Metformin and two kinds of insulin for the diabetes.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's advice. I don't have gallstones, but my gallbladder is "full of sludge" accoriding to the doctor and functioning at 12% per the HIDA scan, so it needs to come out. I also learned this week that I need a hysterectomy due to fibroids and heavy periods maknig me anemic. The good news is that they can do both of them at the same time. The OB/GYN and the gerneral surgeon are going to work together and each do their parts using the same set of holes. Good news today - Upper endoscopy and colonoscopy are normal. Thanks again for guiding me in the right direction to get this fixed!

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I thought that was all just from me not eating. I told the ER and surgeon before surgery I had been having the runs. I would sip Ginger ale constantly. I would have it by my bed at night.

I am not a doctor, but it seems pretty reasonable it could be you gallbladder. Especially if they are common in your family. I dont know if that is something that could be carried down or if it is just person to person. My mom had hers removed 10 years ago, so it could be "family'' thing.

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i get those burps when i have excess acid in my stomach. also i got them when i took metformin for weight loss. but if you're on it for diabetes, i'm guessing you've had it longer than these burps so its not related. i'm guessing its probably related to your gallbladder. it hardly happens to me now that i had my gallbladder taken out.

let us know what your doctor says.

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My mom had horrible smelling burbs and wicked diarrhea and she ended up having an ulcer.

I have had my gallbladder removed and had intense chest pain and some diarrhea but no smelly burbs.

Hope you get it all sorted out.

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Ive had that but more often than you are and im going in friday morning to have my gallbladder removed because after checking for gallstones (which there was none) and having a hidi scan done they found that my gallbladder is not working properly. Although i do not want to say that is what is wrong with you because i do not have any of the other health issues you do so i am not sure. the hidi scan takes 1 1/2 hours of laying still and does get extremely painful, but atleast you would know, an ultrasound is usually done first to check for the gallstones to make sure if that could be the problem or not, but since it does run in the family it could be a possibility to talk with your dr at your appt about having done then you could either rule it out or ease your mind about it or atleast know for sure. Hope this helps you Good Luck

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