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Updated on July 09, 2010
F.H. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hi Moms, I got married last 10/10 and we did not take a honeymoon. Both of us are business owners so literally month to month we have no idea how much our check will be! That being said, I thought I wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon since I have never been. But now I'm thinking that's sort of boring and typical of a "honeymoon". I DO NOT like to travel outside of the US. Also, I am from So CA so I don't want to go there. Does anyone know of a great place we could go (doesn't have to be beachy) around Oct 10 for about 5 days or so? Its ok if the weather is cooler and living in AZ it might even be a GREAT idea! We can't take too many days because of our businesses as well as we both have kids and getting the ex's to take them is another story! Also, finances are an issue, although I would like to go somewhere and not really have to worry about cost. So October is sneaking up on me and I'd like to see what ideas maybe we could consider and start checking into cost/availability. Thanks Ladies!!!

P.S. I was thinking about the Poconos but only because I remember seeing an ad from 25 years ago about a place that had champagne glass shaped jacuzzi's!

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So What Happened?

Thanks moms! I think we will check into Tahoe. And it may even be driving distance, but not sure. I like it just for the fact that it's GREEN and not desert! It will be nice to see something other than cactus! I don't really want to do Vegas since we can go there anytime and it's not that far from us and we've already been. I appreciate all the ideas! Now, we just need to plan it out! :o)

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Ever been to Tahoe? I have stayed there multiple times and it's always cheap. They have lakes, and snow (although not sure about october) and casino's, buffets, shows at the casino', horseback riding, etc. Look online and I believe you can even rent small cabins for a pretty good price. =) congrats on getting married, and have fun on your future honeymoon!

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answers from New York on

The Poconos are a great honeymoon spot. However, October is peak season so the prices may be high during that period.

Have you been to Vegas? I've never been but have heard you can find some great deals there, and there's lots to do other than the casinos.



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My favorite thing on a short trip is to explore hot springs. If you google a state and hot springs you can readily find a list of the popular ones. Some are more resort style and others you have to search and do some serious camping to attain. For an offbeat choice, check out Wyoming.



answers from Kansas City on

How about a cozy one room cabin deep in the woods in Colorado? Rent one with a fireplace and stay in bed all day and watch the fire and snowfall while you snuggle!


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We LOVE Hawaii. Maui is our favorite and we've been twice. We like to go around Spring break when the whales are coming through and go on a whale watch.

South Beach in Miami is a favorite. VERY couple oriented and you need to be open minded.

New York..........LOVE that place as well.



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Vegas is great and cheap- and there is SO much to do, instead of gambling. I have been there 6 times and am leaving in 2 weeks to go back! I love it! You can see the Grand Canyon, etc.

Colorado would be great and romantic- Winter Park or Breckenridge

Florida is always fun. Lots to do and beaches, even Disney World, Daytona Beach (nascar), Panama City, Florida Keys. They also have all-inclusive trips for Florida, etc. Not sure what you like.

Gaitlinburg, TN is Beautiful. They have cabins you can rent and they are not that expensive.

Mrytle Beach is a great place with lots to do. Not sure about the weather that time of year. My brother went there on his honeymoon and they rave about it and had a blast.

Lake Tahoe- lakes, cabins, casinos, shows, etc! It's a little Vegas, but really nice!!

Good luck, and let us know what you decide!


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Don't know your budget so am just throwing out ideas.

Sedona, Arizona.....right outside your backdoor. So romantic and spiritual. Stay at the Enchantment Resort.

Boston, Philadelphia, New York or Chicago
October is a fabulous time to see the changing of the leaves on the east coast and there are river cruises.,Fall-Foliage-Index.html

Or go to Colorado. The aspens are golden!

Santa Fe, New Mexico and visit Ojo Caliente Hot Springs. You can drive and stay out of the city in a less expensive hotel. Bed and Breakfast maybe.

Las Vegas - if you like the night life and shows.

go to trip advisor: to find hotels

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