Being a Godmother

Updated on August 05, 2011
R.R. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I am Godmother to my best friends beautiful baby girl. This is my first time being Godmother to any child, so I'm new at this. She is Godmother to her niece and that niece will refer to her as "Nanny". Has anyone ever heard of this? She is asking me what I want her daugther to call me besides Aunt. Any suggestions?


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answers from Dallas on

Our Goddaughters don't call us anything special. They still call me Mrs. B. b/c I was their teacher at daycare before I was their Godmother. They always call my son "Godbrother", which I think is so cute! I think it's whatever you feel comfortable with.

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I also grew up Catholic but always looked at godparents as just someone special in your life who acknowledged you on special occassions. It wasn't until I decided not to baptize my kids and then that my nephew was born (freak out by b in law that we weren't qualified to serve that role) that I realized how big of a deal this is to some people (oh the grief I got). All the kids in my life that aren't my own call me Nahni, and I feel like a "godparent" to my neices and nephews even though I don't have the official title. I act in that way more than the official ones do. Some other nicknames are Nana, Nini, Nona, Na-Nan, Nan, Nin, etc...

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I was raised baptist and my husband was raised cathlic. We are aware of the Cathlic intent for a godparent. We asked a very special couple to be our childrens godparents. Our intent is clear to the couple. If we were to both pass before our children, then they will become their legal guardians/parents. Our children call them Uncle and Aunt. Our friends/their godparents, excepted the responsibility we have asked of them with honor. You do not have to have a special name, but we think they deserve a special name and Uncle and Aunt is the name they chose. I hope this helps.

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It depends on your definition of a godmother. In our family (we are Catholic) a godmother is someone who is appointed by the parents when you are baptized in the church. The godparents are basically in place to keep you on the right track as far as your faith goes. Especially if the parents die, the godparents are meant to keep you going in the right direction and as a guidance for you. Some people don't look at godparents that way. My step-daughter says she has a godmother that is her mom's friend. Well it's just something that her mom and friend said one day. I think it is a label that people use loosely as someone that is close to their kids.
It's all in how you interpret the label and if you want them to call you something else.
Hope I didn't go to religious on you. That's the Catholic standpoint on godparents. :)



answers from Lafayette on

In South Louisiana, almost all godchildren call their godmother Nanny and godfather's Paran.



answers from Dallas on

Congrats! Being a Godparent is such a wonderful thing. I have two Godkids and they call us Aunt and Uncle. I would focus less on what you are called and more on your role in their life. Our Godkids live three hours away but we try to see them as often as we can. We also have a great time with our role as "the fun Godparents." We have the privilege of being able to spoil them and just be goofy with them. It is so much fun and I am really happy that as they get older and we have our own kids they will have this wonderful "social" family to grow up in.

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