Behavior Problems and Crying

Updated on March 05, 2010
J.M. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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OK so my son just turned 6 in january, but my problem is hes very emotional hes an older brother my youngest is about to turn 2, i never really worried about his problems till after cayleb was born it was there before hand to but its jsut seems to be getting worse. Johnny has an issue with everything it seems he gets really mad and starts screaming and yelling or he will just start crying like someone is hurting him, and he does it about almost anything from me just saying his name cause im trying to get his attention for something to me telling him to clean his toys or play with his brother in the room instead of under my feet when when im doing something. im curious if this is normal or if theres something else going on that someone else has dealt with before? he has had problems he spent a lot of the first 3 years of his life with my mom cause i was having to many problems of my own when it comes to it though he seems really close to me like we were never apart. he has also had several ears problems is right now on his third set of tubes in his ears and has some permanent hearing loss. hes in kindergarten now and seems to do his schoolwork ok but has issues following rules at school to. i jsut got a call yesterday from the principle that he had lost his bathroom privilages and if he has to go he has to use the one in the nurses office cause he broke a stall door kicking when asked why he just says i dont know or shrugs his shoulders hes been doing that lot lately too... Im at a losss on what i can do for him i have tried talking to him about his behavior i have tried timeouts, loss of toys, standing in corners, to no going to your frineds house or well we cant go do this or that cause you cant behave today. if anyone has any kind of advice for me i would really apperciate it im at my wits end and dont know what else to do to get it through to him that hes not acting right i cant even get him to tell me the truth anymore it seems> please has anyone else had anything like this or can give me advise????

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answers from Seattle on

so i stared to read what you wrote and i got half way and i have a few things to say all ready. it looks like the little guy just need a little alone time with mommy and daddy by his self like ones a week or more for you it sounds like he needs more he just is acting up cause he wants your time and only you and daddy no brothers or sisters around just you try it and tell me how it works ok. oh and his hearing had nothen to do with it my dad has had problum with his ear his hole life and he is find he has tubs in as well he should be fine he just needs some tlc.


answers from Santa Fe on

i had the same problem wit my middle daughter and what i do is one day out of the weekend i spend the day with her so that way she dont feel left out and since i've started this with her i have seen a huge improvement with her behavior and in school you might want to try this concidering middle children seem like they are always left out or not givin enough attention...



answers from Denver on

He sounds like my daughter and she's an only child that gets tons of one on one time, but it defiantly can't hurt to spend some alone time with just him. ( All kids thrive off of that) As for the crying and emotional issues, I've seen a lot of kids at 5 and 6 just go off at the drop of a dime. For my daughter I think that it is her learning how to be a big kid, because she goes through phases. She wants the new privileges and challenges, but its scary to grow up more so she will revert for awhile. We work through what is bothering her and give her time and then things get better for awhile. I wish I had any suggestions for the school behaviors. Just keep in good contact with the teachers and give consequences for bad and good behaviors. We use positive rewards for good things as well as consequence for bad things. We just started a penny jar and she loves going out of her way to earn a penny, but she can loose one too if she doesn't stop a negative behavior after one warning. Also you mention how he spent a lot of time with your mom the first 3 years of his life because you had problems. Do NOT let this play into your worries about his behavior now. ( this is the pot calling the kettle black thing) I still find myself blaming myself for whats going on with my daughters behavior now ( I was not myself for a chemical imbalance for the first 3 years of her life) It doesn't help to look back, we can't change it, you just need to go forward. Just be consistent, keep talking and be there for him. Its a hard and horrible phase, I know at times I feel like hitting my head on a brick would be more effective, but it should and has gotten better. Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

The best thing I ever read was this book to help!

It helps with all ages and my daughter is only 3 years old.

Check it out - Its worth reading.


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