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Updated on November 10, 2012
S.R. asks from Novi, MI
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My sn will be 3 in July. I enrolled him into preschool at the end of January and since then I have noticed a complete 360 on his attitude and bahavior. He is always mouthing off, he doesn't listen to us when we say no and he throws fits all the time. I know this is normal behavior from children, he did this somewhat before preschool. But since he is Lucifer. My question is could preschool have an effect on his personailty and listening skills. Some background on the preschool, 15 kids, 2 teaches the kids are between 3.2 to 4 years old. I'm at the end of my rope. Help me please!!

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answers from Providence on

He is 3..... try waiting two years and sending him to kindergarden... he'll still hate it but you wont feel as bad about yelling at him.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I know my kids are not normal....... But is mouthing off normal of a 3 year old? Not Listening? I would not say it is normal.?? .



answers from Detroit on

talk to the teachers. They sometimes don't like to complain/tattle to the parents, but something might be going on. explain your concerns. Ask if there are any children that your child is close to that acts up a lot and if so, ask if they can be separated. Take 1-2 weeks off and see if your child goes back to 'normal'. Perhaps a new school is in order? Perhaps he's just going through a stage? Be firm and punish when necessary. Let him know what he is not allowed to do and follow through--never just threaten w/o follow-thru. K.



answers from Detroit on

I am the mother of 4 (2 biological, 2 step) and I can tell you that the preschool start is not my most enjoyable moment of childrearing. What I can say is that what they see going on in school, THEY WILL ATTEMPT AT HOME. If flip lips get him what he wants, he'll continue.

My advice is to talk with his teacher and see if you can sit in on a class one day. If you have the ability to be a stay at home mother (as I currently am able), then it may be a better use of a day (at least for one day, if not more) to observe what he is doing. When he displays undesirable behaviors, correct him in the school setting right there....and if he does it at home, reinforce the correction. When he does good...praise, praise, praise!!! You never know what other personalities he has to deal with in his classroom, and all the lip may have started from him having to be on the defensive. Then again, he could just be copying someone else.

Either way, with just 2 teachers, those 4 eyes are not going to catch every bad behavior, so you know if you're there that you are going to focus all of your attention to what's going on with your son.

My oldest son is in the 5th grade, and I still sit in on his classes whenever he is having problems (although I know he wishes I wouldn' I just want to see for myself, what kind of personalities, attitudes, and behaviors he has to blend with. Then we talk and I let him know how to best deal whomever he is having problems with.

Just know that as they said, your child is still long as you provide limits and correction (or discipline) he will grow out of it. I hope this helps you!



answers from San Francisco on

Your son probably needs a smaller environment he is acting out to get attention because he feels that other wise you will ignore him he needs somewhere where he doesnt feel that he constantly needs to through fits to get attention somewhere he can easily grow and make new friends.
-good luck :)



answers from Benton Harbor on

Do you know if his teachers make him listen or do they just let him run around? Does he act like that at school?
A little bit of his behavior is normal, my son will be 3 in Nov. and he does this periodically. But, you still need to make sure you are consistantly correcting him when he's home.

My 2nd grader will come home from school and she'll get a little attitude like she's talking to one of her friends lol. We just nip that in the bud!! So, I think some of the stuff does come from other kids because that's what they are around all day.

Just be consistant with him and as my husband always says to me.... "this too shall pass" lol



answers from Detroit on

mine will be 3 in June and does this occasionally too. I nip it and put him straight, I think it does too depend on what they are around. My kids go to a daycare at a house, the children vary in ages up to 11. I am sure they hear backtalk, or as I may steal (flip lip)

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