Bedtime for 10 Year Old (5Th Grade)

Updated on August 21, 2012
R.P. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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DS gets up a little before 7am. What do you think is a good time for bed?

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answers from Washington DC on

My dd is 9 and she gets ready for bed at 8:30, and is in bed by 9:00pm.

She probably doesn't go to sleep until 9:30-9:45. That seems to be okay for us. I get her up at 7am, but most of the time she wakes up on her own either at that time or earlier.

Sleep experts say that if kids wake up on their own in the morning, this means that they're getting enough sleep. If you have to drag them out of bed, they aren't getting enough.

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answers from San Francisco on

My older daughter is in 5th grade, and on school nights, she goes to bed at 8:30. We also get up a little before 7am.

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answers from Honolulu on

My daughter is 9 and in 5th grade, she will turn 10 this year.
She and my son (who is 6), go to bed at 8:00. 8:30 at the latest.
Why? Because she is TIRED by then and I know how much sleep, she needs. I know her very well.

My kids, both wake ip on the morning, at about 6:30am. BY 6:50am at the latest... because, I have to get them to school on time.

BUT tonight, she has TONS of homework, and she is still working on it now. She will be, due to homework, going to bed late tonight. We got home late in the evening as well.

Any kid, could force themselves to stay up until very late at night.
But that does not mean, they are not tired or sleepy.

Again, my kids go to bed at 8:00 and no later than 8:30pm.
And they are passed out, within 10 minutes.

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answers from Austin on

I made a deal with our daughter, she could decide on her bedtime, but she had to get up in the morning without complaining, and be able to function at school.

This worked well for her. She would get ready for bed on her own time, based on homework etc.. Then go to bed, read and then go to sleep.

She knew and learned her limits.

We did not have any problems about the bedtime situation, and she took all responsibility for her choices.

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answers from Charlotte on

In bed by 8:30, asleep by 9:00. It worked for both my kids.

Enjoy the start of school!


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answers from Oklahoma City on

9pm. It's late enough that sports can be played, or other activities plus still having time for dinner and some family time too. I think anything earlier is rather juvenile for a child this age. They are old enough to even stay up until 10 if that is enough rest for that particular child. Some kids need 12 hours and some only need 8.

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answers from Chattanooga on

My bedtime growing up was IN BED by 8:00pm. Then we could read or do whatever we wanted, as long as we were quiet, calm, and stayed in bed. (so... read or color... My sister and I shared a bed, so sometimes we would have a tea party before going to sleep. lol.) Lights out was at 9:00.

When we got into high school, we shifted by one hour. Bed at 9:00, lights out at 10:00.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Between 8:30 & 9:00, maybe 9:30 if your child seems well rested when they wake up in the morning and don't seem super "draggy" in the afternoons. That seems to work well around our house.

Oh... those are "asleep" times. I have a 6th grader who gets up around 6:00. She goes "to bed" around 8:45 or 9:00, but will read for 15-20 minutes before turning out the light. If she is tireder, she will not read as long or at all. ;)

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answers from Seattle on

I would say no later than 9 pm.

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answers from San Francisco on

Of course every kid is different, but I would say in bed at 9, 9:15, with a reading light on if he needs to read to unwind and fall asleep.
No TV, phone or computer, though.

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answers from Grand Forks on

My 10 year old goes to bed at 10pm, but he gets up at 8am. How many hours of sleep does she normally get/need? If mine had to get up at 7am, bedtime would have to be 9pm.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My son is the same age and goes to bed around 10. We start the process at around 9:30. Its so tough to get him down any sooner-esp in summer. He has started to sleep in which is something he never did. He went down at 10 last night and is still snoozing away now at 8 am so obviously he could use a bit more sleep.

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answers from Phoenix on

My kids are 16 (spec needs), 12 and 9. I have been doing the following for YEARS...the kids start taking their showers at 7:30, they are all in their rooms at 8pm. Every night, even in the summer, unless something is going on. The rule is, they don't have to go to sleep, but they have to STAY in their rooms. They don't have tv but they read, play with toys, listen to music, draw, write, etc. They are almost always asleep on their own by 9pm, 9:30 at the latest. Then I go in and check on the when I go to bed and make sure radios are off and they are tucked in. They are early birds too, up at 6, I've NEVER had to force them out of bed. lol. So they are getting at least 8 hours every night.

I like this schedule for us because it allows hubs and I to have our own quiet time early. We can either finish some work or chores or just watch tv or laptop, or even go to bed early ourselves. =) It also allows the kids some down time before they actually fall asleep and they fall asleep on their own, with little effort on our part, they always have. I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son will be in 4th grade but I think 8:30 is a good time so he can fall asleep by 9.

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answers from Spokane on

8:30 to bed with a book and lights out by 9:00.



answers from Los Angeles on

Our son gets to bed between 7:30pm and 8:30pm. We tell him his bedtime is 7:30pm, but sometimes we let him stay up and read until 8:30pm. It really depends on his activities for the day.


answers from Chicago on

Ours is in bed by 8:30, asleep by 9 or earlier.



answers from Minneapolis on

10 hours or more of sleep are needed each night, at that age.



answers from Washington DC on

My dd is 9 and starts to get ready for bed at 8.30pm (pj's, teeth brushed, story, trying to put off going to bed.. lol) and its lights off at 9.00pm. She gets up with no problems in the morning. :-) Oh and she gets up just after 7am.



answers from Washington DC on

On a good night my 9 yr old, 4th grader, still needs 10-11 hrs. Once school starts we are going to shoot for 10.5 hrs of sleep time and 1/2 hr wind down time in bed reading.

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