Bedroom Decor for 9 Yr Old Girl

Updated on April 20, 2011
C.A. asks from Brookfield, IL
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I am redecorating my daughter's room and looking for suggestions. She is 9yrs old, favorite color is pink. She loves hearts, butterflies, peace sign, listening to music. Very typical girl. Does anyone have suggestions as to a theme that I can redecorate my daughter's room with that can last more than 1 or 2 years. I don't want to have to redecorate until she is a teenager. I appreciate any input you can provide.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your suggestions. As always, you moms gave me some really great ideas. Now it is time to shop around and see what goodies I can find and see what my daughter would like.

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answers from Seattle on

Strong 2nd for PBTeen. You just use the wall colors/ bedding colors and the "stuff" is what creates the "age". AKA she can have a large peace sign on the wall, and her toys, and music, and posters. As she ages, you just alter out the "stuff".

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answers from San Diego on

You could do a very elegant rockstar theme with light pink walls, I mean almost white. And then have decals of butterflies, peace signs, and music symbols in different colors of pink to purple. The decals should be sticker like that way when she gets older she cantake them off and redecorate. Bed spread and pillows and stuff like that let her pick that out at Target or Sears, there is also the option of having large throw pillows on the floor for her and her friends to lounge on. A day bed with a trundle is great for this age because when she has a friend over she can pull the extra bed out. Wood would be better as the metal beds are not that pretty after a few years, I had one when I was younger. Most important make this about her and have a great mother daughter bonding time doing it. There is also an idea that you can get a night stand at Ikea and purchase glass to cover the top and put pictures of her friends and family like a collage under the glass.

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answers from Washington DC on

One room we did a blue on top and green on the bottem and I painted a picket fence on one wall. I painted trees and animals, flowers, a barn and a house.
Next room all four walls were different pastel colors and butterfies and dragonflies all over, we used removeable stckers. We also have a butterfly kite we hung n the room and the ceiling fan from Lowes with all dfferent colors.
This room we have painted Kelly Green and have white daisies on the top quarter. She has a white Jenny Lind bed and a white dresser, I just painted her old wood one. We got a Smila Bloma from IKEA and her butterfly kite went right back up.

She is 13 and we have moved three times in the last 7 years.



answers from New York on

I would suggest getting her imput if this isn't going to be a surprise decorating. It could turn into a fun mother daughter thing. Let her make the decisions and say as many yeses as you can. Paint is cheap, so I always start there because it really can give you the biggest bang for your buck and make the most dramatic change to a room

Perhaps painting 3 walls light pink and one wall hot pink. Mounting some cool vinyl records on the wall (she'll think they are really big CD's LOL) Curtains, bedding and rugs and other accessories can be the hearts and butterflies. Get a blank canvas and have her paint a huge peace sign on it her self. If you get that black chalkboard paint you could do the peace sign with chalk or actually paint the peace sign with the chalkboard paints and then with chalk she can write the names of her friends on the board.

Whatever you decide have fun and get her in on it. I have boys who could care less about their room and what it looks like. Enjoy your girl while she still wants to be bothered with you before the troublesome teen years kick in with a vengence.



answers from Chicago on

I'd say design it with neutrals - neutral walls, bedding and furniture. Then take her shopping and let her pick out a few fun pillows for the bed, a throw, a couple accessories, and a poster that you can frame for the wall. It will only cost $50-$100 to replace these things and "redecorate" as her tastes change. Keep the frame and change out the poster as her interests change. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

Girls, per their age, will always grow out of it.

I would use, removable wall decals (Walmart online has it too), and accessorize with things that are not overly expensive and can be switched out easily, per her changing tastes. ie: area rugs, lamps, posters, sheets etc.

Also, look online for "kids room decor" for ideas. Per Google searching. Google will show you actual images/photos, of ideas and color schemes... many of which, have pink in it. Then show it to her... and with her, decide.

I have a daughter that is 8. And well, she goes through many color preferences and decor tastes.



answers from Houston on

I've seen a room painted in bright yellow, w/a few large butterflies (not sure if they are metal, fabric or what) spaced out on 3 of the walls and a string of small lights connecting them, making it look like the butterflies' flight patterns. Everyone oohed and aahed over the room. I'm sure you can do a variation, like dragonflies instead of butterflies, and a different color wall.

I've seen another room and its colors were black, green and pink. The furniture was classic colonial style but painted in bright colors. Her mom found a 4 poster double bed w/all the bells and whistles but painted it lime green w/black accents. Her desk was this gorgeous old looking desk but painted in a muted pink w/black accents. It was stylish but fun.

I wish I had a daughter! I have a boy and he could care less about the color of his walls or how I decorate his room :(



answers from Detroit on

Have not read the other responses yet, but what about some groovy 60s hippie type theme (minus the hallucinogens and free love)? Think peace signs, tie-dye, a lava lamp, beads.

I also think a "surfer girl"/beach type theme would be cool too. But that might work better with a wall color like aqua. Or make the walls striped, with pink, orange, aqua and green.



answers from Denver on

check out website. they have super cute room ideas, they have a page with different rooms all done up in different themes. If nothing else, it will certainly inspire you!



answers from Chicago on

Check out Pottery Barn Teen for some ideas. They have cute and cool decor for girls that aren't too childish.



answers from Los Angeles on

A Garden theme is pretty age neutral.


answers from Columbus on

We just re-did my 9 yr old daughter's room in February, for her birthday. He room isn't huge, so when she said she wanted hot pink, I was nervous! We ended up choosing "tropical smoothie" from Home Depot (Behr paint). It turned out fabulous!!! I LOVE IT! My daughter is in to horses, so we have horse posters. I had also bought some "stick on" decals from Target. You can get some really great decals that will stick, but not rip off your drywall if you decide to remove them. I saw in Joanne Fabrics, a large selection, too. You can get peace signs, flowers, all sorts of designs she would love. They have sayings, too, like "Girls rule", "Love", etc. I bought a beaded curtain from Hobby Lobby to go in her door. Take your daughter to a hobby store like Hobby Lobby or Joanne, Michael's, etc. I bet you can find all sorts of things that she would love. Good luck and have fun!!!



answers from Cumberland on

She may change her mind about the hearts and butterflies type thing when she gets into middle school so you may want to think a tad more sophisticated so she won't change her mind in a year...

Might want to go with the music theme--maybe a shades of pink color scheme offset by brown or black?

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