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Updated on February 08, 2012
J.B. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My baby girl is heading to a "big girls" bed. Just wondering what bedding you LOVE. I'm looking for quality, something that will last, washes up nice. I've looked at Pottery Barn Kids, but don't know much about the qualtiy.....I know a lot of people buy because of a any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!!!

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Thank you everyone for your input. It was very helpful....

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answers from Dallas on

I bought the jumping beans brand from Khols and I am happy so far. Didn't lump when I washed the comforter.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi J. ~ I LOVE Pottery Barn Kids great quality a little pricey but I always say you get what you pay for :-). I did my daughter's nursery in PBK then when she got older & transitioned to a big girl bed the sheets,quilt & little throw pillows carried over she is now 7 yrs old & we still have the throw pillows, curtains, curtain rods, lamp, night light & some of the bedding pieces & I only say some because she is in a full size bed now so we had to buy bigger sheets, blankets & a quilt.

ETA I just realized for my 3 yr old's twin bed we bought him the Circo brand sheets & comforter from Target those have been great also no complaints. :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Thread count is the thing to look for. A lot of inexpensive sheets are 200, most of Walmarts are around 300-350. The way expensive ones can go up much higher.

The Walmart ones live through hot water, bleach, spills, coloring, all kinds of kids stuff. They are plenty good for kids bedding.


answers from Chicago on

I LOVE Target's jersey cotton sheets - they have a decent color selection and they are SOOOO comfy, my son with sensory issues can't go with out them.



answers from Pittsburgh on

WE have sheets and a quilt from Pottery Barn Kids--no complaints about the sheets wrinkling or anything. And the quilt is nice--but it S-L-I-D-E-S off of the bed! Gotta tuck in the side to keep it put.
You'll see it's pretty hard to find any kids bedding stuff that's made in the USA :(



answers from Pittsburgh on

We have regular (adult) Pottery Barn sheets and they are GREAT. Super soft and holding up very well. They are ivory so can't comment on fading. My son has had some Garnet Hill sheets - not impressive IMO. Currently he has some from IKEA - they are laundering well, no fading but they are not as soft as my sheets. Of course he is out for the count within 2 minutes so I don't think he actually cares. I like IKEA because they have a lot of modern colors/patterns rather than the cutesy characters and themes that other companies seem to offer in kid sheets.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

I LOVE our Pottery Barn Kids sheets. My son is 4 1/2 and his have lasted him through his crib and now his toddler bed and are still washing up nicely and have kept their color and softness, even through being washed almost every day during potty training!

My daughter is 2 1/2 and also has PBK sheets that have lasted through a crib and now a toddler bed. Hers are white with light pink giraffes and I'm impressed that they haven't faded and also wash up so nicely.

I actually drove 2 hours to get to a PBK when I was pregnant just to pick out their sheets. I know people thought I was crazy at the time, but they are worth every penny! :-)



answers from Minneapolis on

Don't buy Pottery Barn Kids! At least don't buy their sheets. One son's gingham sheets from PBK wrinkle an insane amount. I'm not going to iron sheets every week, so they just look kind of crappy all the time. The other son's sheets, with a picture pattern, are fine, but I wouldn't risk it. We also got a PBK quilt, and it is a little ripped already.

Lands End and Company Store both have nice quality sheets and bedding.



answers from San Antonio on

We got our son's big boy bedding from a company called Olive Kids. They have great designs and the quality is great. His sheets get washed a lot and have not faded at all. The price was also cheaper than Pottery Barn and comparable to Target's higher end.



answers from St. Cloud on

Looks like one person mentioned it but my grandma got each of the girls small down comforters from The Company Store and they LOVE them. Of course we're in MN so we like them to be warm at night; depends what you're looking for. But we've thrown those comforters in the washer and dryer here at home a dozen times, they haven't faded or pilled or shrunk or gotten balled on the inside like other comforters do...



answers from Minneapolis on

I love target wrinkle free sheets and that's all I will buy for our beds, but Company Kids, Pottery Barn Kids, and Land of Nod all have good quality quilts that I just love.



answers from Portland on

a hint. the higher the thread count in fabric/sheets the better the quality.

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