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Updated on November 13, 2006
L.M. asks from Grosse Pointe, MI
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My son is 2 years 3 months and started potty training when he was 20 months. It was totally his decision- I didn't force him or really even ask him if he wanted to. But I know it was too soon and we've had many problems with it so far. After many trials and errors, he is doing well, not very many accidents during the day and he usually wears "big boy" underpants instead of a pull-up. The problem is that he is wetting at night through his pull-up EVERY NIGHT. I am wondering if this is a sign that he may be a future bed-wetter, or if he'll grow out of it soon. I know that it takes longer to develop the ability to stay dry all night, but it has been several months now and I'm getting a little worried.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the replies!!! My son sleeps with a sippy cup of water- it's like his comfort object. I never realized that that could be the problem. He's always had it and I don't even think twice about giving it to him! I got the overnight pull-ups and now the real challenge is going to be getting him off the cup in bed. Thanks again!!!

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Hi, I know the feeling. My daughter has wet through many pull-ups, I think it is the design. I don't think they are designed to be worn through the night. I would suggest letting him wear "big boy" underware through the day and a diaper at night to stop the problem. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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I definitely wouldn't worry about it being a sign of future problems. He is still very young and will eventually learn to wake up during the night if he has to go. It is okay to use diapers at night. I'd even use overnight diapers that hold more. Once he starts waking up dry in the morning, you'll know he is ready to go without. Not drinking a few hours before bed and going potty right before bed are great ideas too. I"ve heard that some parents even wake their child before they go to bed. Don't worry at all though. It will come with time. Congrats on potty training him so early!!



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Hi. I would try limiting his liquids from dinner untill bedtime. Make sure he goes before bedtime and you could wake him up right before you go to bed to use the bathroom again. Remind him right before he goes to sleep to wake himself up if he has to go.

Good luck,




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I would not worry about the bed wetting that much at all. I agree with the other ladies that said to cut fluids at least 2 hours before bed. Also you said he is wetting through his pull up, did you mean it is leaking out or he is just filling it up? If it is leaking I would recommend switching sizes or brand. If it is just getting filled I wouldn't worry too much and would just continue using pull ups at night until the problem goes away, and it will!!!



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my son did the same thing tried to not give him anything to drink after a certian time but that didnt seem to work either. It was about 3-4 months that he wet the bed now hes four and is not a bed wetter. So theres hope. I also started putting a pull up on and a pair of big boy pants over it. It seemed to help some nights. Hang in there. It gets better.



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Make sure u stop liquid intake a few hrs before he goes to bed. Make sure he doesnt have a ton to drink after noon. He doesnt need something to drink all throughout the day. good luck & it will be ok.



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I agree with everyone else I have potty trained three now with one to go and the one thing you learn is every kids different, and they all do it at thier own pace. Pull-ups are not designed for night time and little bladders arent either lol. You have to limit thier liquid in the evening they cant hold it like we can. But you have a long way to go I wouldn't worry to much about the wetting I have changed a many wet sheets from diapers leaking it is just one of those things we as parents go through. Your son is doing extremely well to train that young he will get it when he is ready. Hope it works out for you.

C. (mom of 4)



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Hi L. -

My son is only 16m, so I can not give you personal advice. However, I remember my sister potty training her boys. She stopped letting them drink 3 hours before bed. She also got up in the middle of the night once or twice to take them to the bathroom. She said her boys played so hard during the day and slept so hard at night that they couldn't feel the "pee pee tickle."

She also used rubber backed sheets. :)

Good luck!




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My 2 in half year old son is the same way, so what I do is i either put a pull-up and a diaper, or I put two diapers on him. If you want try that and see how that goes, and I hope everything goes great for you, and you son.



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Well, I wouldn't feel bad. My son just turned 3 in September and he still wears a diaper at night. He has been wearing underwear staying dry all day for like 6+ months and he still cant seem to stay dry at night. It will come with time. Make sure he doesn't have too much to drink and goes potty before he goes to bed. I also wouldn't suggest using a pull up at night. They aren't really made to hold much. Regular diapers work just fine, or they also have those goodnights. Good luck and congrats on potty training so early!



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Hello L.,

For starters if he is potty trained that is awesome. It is common for boys to do it around 2 1/2 - 4 yrs. In my daycare the boys tend to be older when they potty train. As for the nighttime wetting. He is still very young and if need be stop giving him fluids a couple hours before bedtime and have him go potty before he goes to bed. If you need to use a diaper at bedtime that is ok to. Don't make a big deal about it to him. Staying dry all night is usually the last thing thy conquer along with bowel movements.

I wouldn't worry about it till he is almost 5 and still doing it. But kids are going to have accidents even when they are older. My son did it till he was 7. Partly due to emotional issues with divorce etc. But he is fine now.

I wish you the best and that is awesome you are going back to school.




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When does he have his last drink at night? I was told not to let my child have a drink w/in 2 hours of bedtime and only a little if needed. My daughter had only 2 accidents when she was potty training, and I think it was because she got a late drink. I also used to wake her up and have her go potty at 11 or 12 o' clock. Have you tried doing that? I have only trained my girl; I have a son that will be 2 Dec 29th but I don't plan on trying to potty train him until he is 2 1/2. My daughter was completely trained by her 3rd b-day so I figure he should be ready by then. HTH




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my nephew was having this same issue of wetting through his pull up at night. Pull ups were designed for day time wear with toilet training and can not absorbe a whole night time worth of urine. I put my nephew in a diaper at night when he stays here and like magic- no wet bed and no laundry!!

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