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Updated on January 03, 2012
T.L. asks from Cuba, MO
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My kids are 11, 7, and 6.

11 y.o. - 9:00 pm
7 y.o. - 8:00 pm
6 y.o. - 7:00 pm

What time do your kids go to bed?

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answers from Albany on

I am considering donating all the beds in the house to charity. My kids, all teenagers (19, 17, 14) are apparently robots who don't really require sleep. Perhaps they plug themselves in right along with their iphones and laptops each night to recharge?


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answers from Chicago on

My 11 yo goes to bed at 9ish - usually she is asleep by 9:30 (she gets up at 6:30).
On weekends/breaks/summer - all bets are off. I don't care and I don't regulate (except that crabby babies are not allowed in the common areas of the house. So whiny, pouty behavior (myself included) goes to the bedroom!!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Both kids, 2 year old and 1 year old go to bed between 7 and 7:30pm. I shoot for 7 but if I am running late for some reason they go to bed at 7:30pm

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answers from Pittsburgh on

8 y.o. - 9:00 (school nights)

Summertime? All bets are off!

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answers from Washington DC on


7pm bed time for anyone over the age of 2? Ouch! All of our kids go to bed at 8, and they are allowed to play quielty, read, watch TV, just unwind until 9.

They are 4, 6, and 8,

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answers from Washington DC on

3 year old - 7:30 PM, she still naps for 2 hours and wakes at 6:30 AM

7 year old - 7:30-8:00 PM, occasionally stays up reading in bed to 8:30, wakes at 6:30 AM also

weekends are a little more flexible

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answers from Minneapolis on

7 year old boy in 2nd grade - 8:30pm on a school night
4 year old girl in daycare - 8pm on a school night

Both kids go to bed closer to 9pm on weekends and days they can sleep in. Although both rarely sleep in too much later than normal wake up time. They both wake up around 7am on school days and won't sleep too much past 7:30am on weekends.

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answers from St. Louis on

4 years 4 months and 2 years 4 months - both go to bed between 7-730. Occasionally it's 8pm. Both are up between varies each day!!! My son still naps usually 1-2 hours most days.

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answers from Sacramento on

Both kids, 2.5 and 1, go to bed at 7:30...

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answers from Dallas on

7 y.o. - 7:00 pm
14 y.o. - 9:30 pm on school nights, later on weekends. He's good about going to bed when he's tired. Usually he goes to bed between 10:00 and 11:00 on weekends. He likes to watch movies with his dad. :)

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answers from Spokane on

My boys are 7.5 and 3.5 ~ they go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 on school/work nights (the 7 y/o reads for 20-30 min every night before turning off his light) and 9:00 pm on weekends.

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answers from San Antonio on

Both kiddos - 3 1/2 and 2, go to bed between 7:30 and 7:45.

I did ask a co-worker who has three that are closer to yours in age. She said:

10 year old: 8:30
7 and 5 year olds: both in bed at 8.


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answers from McAllen on

My son is 5 and I put him to bed at 8:00 but he ends up falling asleep until 10. He stays in his bed but he takes a long time to fall asleep I guess
My 10 mo old is asleep by 8:30

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answers from Dallas on

My son is ten years old and goes to bed at 8:30 on school nights and stays up until 10 or 11 on weekends/holidays.

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answers from St. Louis on

I know that my grandchildren stay up later. The almost 2 year go goes to bed at 8pm and the 5 year old around 9 or 10. Their parents work full time and if they did not stay up later they would never see their parents.



answers from Boston on

My 5yo goes to bed around 7:15-7:30 on school days because he has to be up at 6. Getting enough sleep is SO underrated...they need it badly. When my son had some difficulty with meltdowns at school the FIRST question they asked was "how much sleep does he get?".
I guess what time they go to bed depends on what time they have to get up and how many hours they need at their age. Since a 5yo needs at least 10 hours and mine needs to be up at 6, he should be sleeping by 8. The 7ish bedtime allows him the time he needs to konk out by 8 :)



answers from Joplin on

My kids go to bed when they are tired. no later than 10. I had anxiety when I was young about going to bed and would not put that on my kids. But my 8yr goes by herself at 9pm. and 15 and 13 can make their own decision.



answers from Kansas City on

my kids are 8,6,4 and all go to bed at 8pm


answers from Kansas City on

12 year old- 9:30, but he usually goes to bed earlier on his own.

4 yr old-8:30 to 9

17 month old when he falls asleep...usually 8:30 to 9.


answers from Philadelphia on

my 5 year old goes to bed at 8pm when with M. on school nights up at 6:45 but when with her dad she goes to bed around 9pm and gets up around 7:15 on the weekends it varies, if theres something fun going on and kids and friends over or were visiting people all bets are off, but on normal weekend nights 9pm



answers from Killeen on

my 2yo twins has been going to bed around 7ish PM since 18 months. They wake up around 6:15am on weekdays for daycare. They get a 2hr nap after lunch. On weekends, I let them stay up but they tend to go to bed around the same time anyhow but I let them sleep until they are ready to get up which is usually around 7-8am. They still take their 2hrs nap. I think they just catch up on their sleep!!



answers from Indianapolis on

My twins are 11 as well and 9p is bedtime during the week, weekends vary depending on what we have anywhere from 10-11p



answers from Pittsburgh on

6 year old - approximately 8 pm. This has gotten earlier - until he was 1 it was about midnight, then approximately 9 pm. When he started a program that required him to get up at 7:30, we went to 8 pm.



answers from New York on

15 yo - 9:00pm school nights
16 yo - 9:30 to 10:00 school nights

Overall, bed time doesn't matter as long as the child is getting enough sleep and can get up when required.

My youngest's bedtime has always been 9:00 pm, even when she was 2 years old.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Ours have a 9pm bedtime and they get up around 7-7:15 in the morning, no naps. It is borderline not enough rest but I prefer to have a life than sit at home when the sun is shining outside so the kids can go to bed. I hated my parents the whole time I was a kid. The neighbors would stand outside my windows on their bike seats and make fun of me for going to bed so early.

If you get up at 5am or so then I would think your bedtime is right but if they get up later I would never put them down that early. More like 8:30 for the 2 the same age then the older one at 9. I know it takes them a while to wind down and get to the point they can relax and sleep but this is really early for school age kids.


answers from Boca Raton on

My son is 5.

- During the week- 7:45-8:15
-Weekends- 8-8:45



answers from Des Moines on

My son is 19 months old - 7 pm



answers from Dallas on

My 5 and 2 year old go to bed at 7:15-7:30. They are both up around 5:45 to get ready for school and daycare. My hubby and I both work fulltime but we still give them an early bedtime, they need their sleep.



answers from St. Louis on

I have 8 yr old twins that go to bed at 8:00 on school nights. My 13 yr old goes to bed at 9:00-9:30 on school nights. They all get up at 6:30 am to get ready for school. And sleep in till around 7:00 am on the weekends. On weekends they all go to bed when they are tired. The twins, usually around 9:30ish. The 13 yr old around 11:00 ish.

What I did to determine their bedtimes was slowing extending their bedtimes by about 30 mins, and getting them up at regular time. I knew what bedtime worked best for them when they weren't cranky and acting tired all day. I could tell a big difference in their behavior when I put the twins to bed at 8:30pm vs. 8:00pm! They were so cranky and grouchy, so I moved the bedtime back to 8:00 pm, and now I have much more pleasant kids! I occasionally extend their bedtimes by a half hour, to see if their need for that much sleep as lessened, but so far it has not.
Hope this helps! :-)

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