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Updated on February 13, 2011
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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When did you take away the bed rails on your child's bed (if you had them)? I am thinking about getting a frame for my daughter's twin mattress (now it's on the floor) but then I'd just have to add a bedrail (I think) so she won't fall out. She's 3.5 but moves a lot when she sleeps. I know some people who put their 2 year old in a bed without one and although she fell out a few times, I guess she just learned to stop falling out? i know there is not a magical number....but figured I'd ask!


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answers from St. Louis on

I didn't have rails on my son's bed. He was in his toddler bed with no rails at 2 1/2 (for night-time potty training) and we just switched him to a twin bed on a frame with box spring with no rails at age 3 1/2. We haven't had any issues with falling out of bed. As you said, depends on the kid! Good luck!

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answers from New York on

My daughter is 4.5 and still has up one bed rail. Her night stand is so close to the bed I am always afraid thet she will get hurt if she falls out. The last two nights she was sick so she slept with me in my bed and never fell out (poor hubby had to deal with that rail). So this weekend, I think we will say goodbye to the rail.

We also used the blow up rail on the other side for a while - her bed is NOT up against the wall. And it worked well.



answers from Lawrence on

My 4 year old is still in a toddler bed with an extremely small bed rail at the head of her bed. When we first transitioned her to the toddler bed (2 yrs)she fell out every night, several times. I felt like I was breastfeeding all over again; not getting enough sleep. I told myself that I would give it 1 1/2 weeks and if that didn't work, I was putting her mattress on the floor. That didn't have to be done b/c she learned to keep herself up there. When she stays the night at both grandparents house she sleeps in a full size bed by herself and never falls out. I think if you have a wall that you can push the bed up to for one side, that would help alot. How is she doing with her mattress on the floor? Do you have to pick her up off the floor? If so, I'd probably keep it there awhile longer. If not, I'd go for it. :) Good luck!



answers from Boston on

I didn't do bed rails for any of my 3 boys.



answers from Kansas City on

We took my sons bed rail off at 4-4.5, but he has a full bed, so he had more room around. We got one that slipped around the mattress at babies/toys r us for like $20. I think it's probably worth it to protect them, they're not that expensive and they don't effect anything, they just clip on the mattress.



answers from Chicago on

I think it depends on the kid. My oldest needed one the next 3 did not number 4 did until she was 5. Number 5 won't sleep in her bed she is 3.5 so it just depends. Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

We put one on my sons bed when we transitioned him into the full size bed from his daybed. We would always hear him bang into the side of his daybed, but he really doesnt move much in the big one. I think its more of a security thing for me so I will sleep better knowing he wont fall out!!! :0)



answers from Chicago on

I had one on my son's bed; my parents told me they didn't use one when he slept (one night) there, so I tried to take it off. He fell out of bed twice, so we put it back on. I'm going to keep it there as long as possible. It's much easier not worrying about him hurting himself or waking himself up!



answers from Kansas City on

Well if you don't already have one and can't borrow one I'd hold off. Try it without the rail, don't put furniture directly next to the bed, or at least leave a body sized space, and see what happens. We have one on our 3 y/o's bed still but mostly cuz I'm too lazy to take it off! She's slept in beds without it and had no problem. She did fall out of a bed earlier this past summer but I think it was mostly b/c she was so physcially exhausted she just rolled right out and didn't even know it! They can be expensive so personally, I'd wait. If she falls out a few times, invest in the rail!

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