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Updated on November 03, 2011
A.C. asks from San Diego, CA
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At what age did you take off the bed rails from your child's bed? Both of my kids sleep in a full size bed (each has their own). They move around a lot, so I am not sure when it is safe. when did everyone remove theirs?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Just try taking them off one night and put some pillows on the ground. Our daughter moves around TONS, but we took the rail down when she was around 2 1/2, only a couple months after putting it up. She only fell two or three times. To this day, she spins/moves/wiggles all around, but doesn't fall off (and she is on a twin size bed).

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answers from Dallas on

My two kids who don't use them anymore, we removed them when they were roughly 5 and in Kindergarten.

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answers from Austin on

I think around 4, she was sleeping in a Queen sized bed, but could move all over that bed.. She did roll out a few times. Only cried once.. the other times we found her on the floor with her comforter.

Now she is in college and sleeps on a twin..

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answers from San Francisco on

depends on the kid LOL - for a while we were convinced that one of our kids would be bringing a bed rail to college b/c she moves around THAT much (funniest incident was when she was around 3YO and we were in a hotel room where we had put her twin on a roll-away at the foot of the bed she was sleeping in - the roll away was a few inches lower and at some point in the middle of the night I woke up and found that she had done a 180 and scooted herself down to the foot of the bed so much that her head and shoulders were actually ON her sister's bed - was so relieved that we had put the roll-away there or I'm sure we and the adjacent hotel guests would have been awakened by a big bump and an even bigger cry!). I think she was 8 when we finally took the rail off her bed - her sister hardly moves around at all so we took her rail off when she was around 6 or 7

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We never put them on the real bed, so when he moved from the toddler bed to the real bed at age 4, no more rails. We did put the boxspring and mattress directly on the floor for a while so he wouldn't fall too far if he did fall out. He never did though.

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