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Updated on July 29, 2008
M.P. asks from Taylorsville, KY
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My daughter is in a full size bed now at 3 years old. Her bed is high off the ground in my standards. My fear is her falling out of be. I put pillows on the bed on either side of her to help her not roll off the bed. I thought about buying the rails however my husband thinks she will learn not to if given time. What do I do.

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answers from Louisville on

M., I guess I differ as I would say at least buy 1 rail.

We have a little girl and she coslept with us till she was about 3-3 1/2 and we used 1 rail. I showed her how to get on and off the bed and she practiced with showing me how to properly do it.
We never had a problem.

Remember to do what is best for you and your family.



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We had the same concerns with my son, so we took everything away from the bed...meaning, no furniture. So instead of a bed high up off the ground, she slept on the boxspring and mattress directly on the ground. When he rolled of the bed, he still learned but didn't get injured.



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I would advise against the bed rails...we pushed our 1st son's bed against one side of the wall and put the rail on the open side. Within two weeks he had broken it and it was useless. The company sent us another one, which we saved for our younger son. He broke it within a month.

What has worked better for us is to line the open side with pillows, or a rolled up comforter, then tuck in a top sheet over them so that it is secure. This has been successful so far in our youngest one who is sleeping in a high bed.

Also, I have seen online, the bed rail that looks like a big roll of filled fabric that you can attach to the top and bottom of the bed if you are interested in just buying something



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Hi M., I had the same problem when my son went into a full size bed which was to high for him. My husband bought a couple sheets of 1/2 inch plywood and screwed the plywood to the bed slats, then we used the mattress only. No need for a box springs. It was just the right height for him to crawl in and out of. If there is to much of a gap at the head of the bed just use over stuffed pillows that match your deco.
Hope this helps. K.

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