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Updated on August 01, 2010
K.R. asks from Denver, CO
7 answers

From what I have read, and after talking to several moms, it seems like the Beco Baby Carrier is a common favorite. I would like to purchase one of these, but have a question. When carring them in the front, can the baby/child only be facing in towards you, or can they also face outward. In all the pictures I see, all of the babies are facing in towards the mother, but I would also like a carrier that allows the baby to face outward. Thanks.

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answers from Denver on

I have a Beco and love it! I think it is so comfy, my girl is 10 months old. She loves it even though she can only face me when I carry her in front. Another carrier I love is the FreeHand carrier. It is a soft structured carrier like the Beco but she can forward face! So I alternate between the two carriers depending on what I am doing with her. And FreeHands are made here in Colorado by a local Colorado mom! and I think Sweet Beginnings in Littleton stocks the carriers so you could test it out!
good luck.



answers from Billings on

Hi K.

I have a beco and I LOVE it!! My one complaint is that the padding on the straps is a little bit shorter than I would like. Its not uncomfortable, just a little finicky thing. In a Beco they can only face they are face-to-face with you in front and face-to-back on your back.

If you are looking for another one, might want to try the lillebaby everywhere? its new. I bought one and while its very comfy, its more than I need and will use. You can do front-in, front-out, hip, or back. I thought all the options would be great for me but frankly don't use them. I'm a creature of habit and I like my beco because I'm used to it.

good luck with your decision, there are SOO many options for baby carriers!!



answers from Boise on

I have an Ergo, which I love, that only allows the baby to face in. I also have a Bjorn, but have never used it. I used the Ergo with my son until he was 23 months and 33 pounds, and I was 7.5 months pregnant. He never once had an issue with only facing in, and I loved the cuddling I got to do with him. When they face out, you can't really see how they are doing, or what they are looking at, or really even interact with them. Just my opinion.



answers from Denver on

I understand the appeal of facing out, but I have heard that the carriers that allow the baby to face outward are not good for their hip development because they are essentially hanging, supported only by their crotch, rather than being supported by the entire seat (see how the carrier comes around their hips on the Beco vs. the narrow seat support of the Bjorn). Additionally, facing out is not nearly as comfortable for mom/dad b/c the baby's weight is pulling away from your center of gravity rather than towards.

My husband insisted on getting a Bjorn b/c he thought our Moby (great carrier for a newborn!) was too girly looking. I tried it a few times and agree that it was not nearly as comfy as the Moby or the Ergo that we bought later. By about 15 lbs it was very uncomfortable. I still use our Ergo (similar to Beco) regularly with my 21 month old and it's super comfy.

You can use a Moby for forward facing either with their legs hanging out (hip issues?) or with them curled up. My son liked to face out with leg curled in the Moby.

There are some carriers that are similar style to the Beco/Ergo, but that allow you to snap in the support so that it gets narrower, so that you can have the baby face outward, but I can't remember what they are called.

If you can get two carriers, I'd highly recommend getting a Moby (or Sleepy Wrap) for the newborn stage and then a Ergo/Beco for past that.

ETA: I just read the other posts and the lillebaby everywhere is the carrier that I was thinking of above (that snaps). I think they get fairly good reviews, but not as good as Ergos and Becos.



answers from Denver on

The Beco only allows for an inward facing on the front or a back carry. If you want to do a forward facing on the front, I highly recommend the Freehand soft structured carrier. We have them in the store if you want to come try one out:) (The Giggling Green Bean at 3929 Tennyson St.)




answers from Denver on

Hi K.,
I agree with the Freehand, I have one and I love it and my son loves it. The store Sweet Beginnings was amazing to work with and I prefer Michelle for all my baby questions and you can try carriers :) Good luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

You can only use the Beco with the baby facing in. I am not familiar with any of the soft carriers that allow the baby to face out (I know you can with the Moby Wrap and the Baby Bjorn, but both tend to be better with smaller babies). You might check out and ask this question there. It is a question-forum just like mamasource but for baby wearing and baby carriers. You do have to sign up, just like mamasource, but they don't sell your info or spam you - it's a nice site.

On a personal note, I LOVE my Beco, My son is 17-months old, and I back-carry him regularly when running errands. But I do understand the usefulness of an out-facing carrier.

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