Beauty Tip for the Momma's

Updated on September 09, 2007
V.S. asks from Edmond, OK
4 answers

Last Month I noticed that I was always tired and I was sick to my stomach allot I of course thought, Oh no! Pregnant again. lol but I wasn't, turns out I was over stressed and didn't even know it so my iron was super low. So now, for the beauty tip, I took 1-2 hours for MYSELF every week. I gave the kid to daddy and left it to him to change her and put her in bed while I went to sit in a hot bath, I took time to shave, wash my face with actual face wash, relax and reflect on all the good in my life! Then I get out to do my nails, do my eye brows and just flat out pamper myself and NOT think about bills or anything else. So I went into the next day feeling clean, pretty, and renewed. It doesn't sound like much but trust me! Since I started my weekly "princess routine" my Iron is back up where it should be and I have allot more energy to play with my baby girl. So, no more bags under the eyes, no more sick pail look, no more frown. Its amazing what a positive out look and a little pampering can do. So Mom's the better you take care of yourself the better you can take care of your family. Let me know how it works for you guys!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I have to agree. Mommy time out is the best way to refresh yourself. I took my time for the first time in over year & watched a chic flick and ate cookies and hot chocolate. It was at midnight one night after the boys (dad & son) were asleep. Even though I was up late, I felt 100% better. Enjoy your mommy time!



answers from Oklahoma City on

That was great!! Thanks for that.. I am going to try that :)



answers from San Francisco on

It's great advice to remind mommy's to pamper themselves! We are so busy pampering, husbands, animals, ect...that we some times forget to take that time or feel guilty about doing it!
We need it!
My husband has been away because of his job and so it's super important to me that our daughter goes to bed at decent and early hour so I have that time for myself. Since he is gone, I have to take small things. Now that fall is approaching, I am back to fixing my evening tea. I make sure that at 9pm I am having a nice cup of tea(decaff of course!) and watching my shows and just relaxing. I just slow the brain down. Detox time.



answers from Tulsa on

I do this too. Friday nights I go to bed really really early, like when my husband gets home from work. I put on my jammies and watch my favorite Friday night frights, talk on the phone, im on the internet and really relax.

I got out of the habit this summer because we would go to the pool. But there are just some nights I go to bed with supper and just chill.

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