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Updated on February 12, 2016
C.D. asks from Austin, TX
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I would like to know what other women ages 30 to 40 are useing as their beauty routine. What products do you use for skin care and hair care? Texan women, are so beautiful,,,let's share our beauty secrets with all of our gal pals. Stay stunning! Thank you in advance for sharing!!

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answers from Odessa on

Water, waster, water!!! I think genes have so much to do with it. It's hard for us to stay out of the sun living in Austin. I started using Obagi products 2 months ago and it's renewed my skin. I used to be a sun junkie. I now lather up with sunscreen every morning. Getting the toxic, processed foods out of the pantry helps too. ;)

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answers from Austin on

I am 42 and have tried everything! I love Nicole Miller's line. She has a wonderful mud mask and exfoliating scrub. For daily cleanser and toner I use either Nicole's line or Melaleuca's facial cleanser and toner. I love them and they are made with natural ingredients and no chemicals that will harm your health or skin. I don't pay alot for these either and even get most of them for free every month!

[email protected]

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answers from Austin on

I have tried just about everything!! I'm a product junkie (unfortunately), but I finally found something that I can say has helped me turn back the clock at least 3 years. It's Arbonne's RE9 Anti-Aging skin care line. It's sooooo satisfying!! I haven't been able to walk out of the house without makeup since I was about 12- now I can!! Now I notice my pores have tightened up, my crows' feet and wrinkles have tightened up (yay for the Gelee Lift!!), and my face has cleared and smoothed so much more than I could have ever imagined. For my hair, I love the Arbonne shampoo (with Tea Tree Oil--- helps with itchy scalp and contains NO SULPHATES!!!) and the conditioner.

Another great thing about Arbonne is that their products don't contain phthalates (the big scare of the moment), are botanically based (which is a MUST with my chemically sensitive child- even when it's on my skin!!), PH-correct (not just balanced), no use of animal bi-products, never tested on animals, no use of mineral oil (helps with MY face to unclog pores and moisturizes very well). Arbonne combines the best of science and nature to make products that really work.

I suggest trying some out!! Send me your address and phone number and I'll send you some free samples!!


PS> Don't forget that much needed sunscreen!!

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answers from Austin on

I am about to turn 38 and never used expensive products until about a year ago. A friend "converted" me to Arbonne's RE9 line and I noticed a real difference in the texture of my skin and a few fine lines disappeared. I also started getting botox about 6 months ago ;)

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answers from Austin on

I use a three step process of :
1.Warm washrag with only water (the trick is to really scrub for a while but SOFTLY)
2.witch hazel on a cotton ball to remove residue
3.spray rose water on your face and rub in some high quality ORGANIC lotion (I use Pangea)

The rose water trick I learned in France , It is lovely!

Also , I have just recently added to my nightime routine

I usually take my shower in the morning , so at night I rewet my washcloth and rub my whole body down and then rub lotion in. When I lived in Jamaica they really stressed the importance of being clean before bed(although I think it had more to do with having to wash your sheets by hand and how time consuming and difficult that is) and I have to tell you I absolutely love it . It feels great you should try it.
-Angela Peace

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answers from Austin on

The best products I've come across for magnificent looking skin has been the following:

I've had lots of skin problems to include breakouts and roseacea. I'm 42 and people think I look 10 years younger. My skin has never looked or felt better. Their creams are very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

I absolutely swear by there products!


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answers from Austin on

I use Beauticontrol. Their Skinlogics Gold Line is amazing! I love it so much I signed up to be a consultant, so I could get my products at a discount.

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answers from Austin on

I use Loreal products. Estee Lauder owns Loreal so you know the products are good. Also, I use Mustella lotion for babies on my face. It works and it is gentle. Sometimes I mix in to the lotions one or two drops of 40,000 IU of vitamin E oil.

I also use "Yes to Carrots" for my eye cream.

Shampoo and Conditioner is Biolage hydrating and Bed Head head shot.

I use baby wash for my makeup remover. It's most gentle.

I am very European when it comes to beauty and keeping young looking. Simple and inexpensive works.

I even tried LaMer ($200 an oz.) and it worked the same.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hello. I know that some women are using some of the avon products such as Anew Anti-aging products. You might have heard of can always check it out and get more info at my




answers from Los Angeles on

This question, for hair care, was with me also, a few weeks ago. Then I got this site.
It's great.
Thank you



answers from Cincinnati on

Product Information for Timewise Miracle Set : Earned Good Housekeeping Seal

Link to Purchase: (Full Set $90) (30 Day Trial Size $44)
(note: be sure to select the set that's right for your skin type. You can choose Normal/Dry or Combination/Oily)
e-mail any questions to [email protected] and if not satisfied, return for 100% refund. You will love it though.

If you're looking to spend a little more on the most advanced age fighting technology, look into the Timewise Volu-Firm Set

Product Information for Timewise Volu-Firm Set (Also Earned Good Housekeeping Seal) $199

Link to Purchase:



answers from Los Angeles on

From TX and you haven't tried Mary Kay!? :)
I started using their Miracle set about 2 years ago and while I still have young skin (I'm only 30, wink wink) I have seen some nice improvements with those who use it consistantly. I use the Ultimate Miracle Set which includes cleanser, age-fighting moisturizer, day solution sunscreen and night solution serum, microdermabrasion set and a few other supplements for skin specific needs. I love their firming eyecream!

Hair I use Paul Mitchell's Elixir, you can only find it in a Paul Mitchell exclusive salon meaning the salon ONLY carried PM. Beauty stores dont carry it either. Redken Butter Cream conditioner, best for color treated hair, its an amazing combo. Wouldn't recommend the conditioner for those with think hair. You can find this at most salons/beauty supplies.



answers from Dallas on

Ladys!! Lady!! I have found the secret to bikini area hair removal. This is a new product from AVON called SKIN SO Soft Fresh & Smooth HAIR REMOVAL CREAM FOR BIKINI LINE. This product is amazing. I've always had a problem removing hair from that area until this product. No painful waxing. Please ladys try this product. Its wonderful. Its only $3.99. Call your AVON rep & order one & try it or give me a call at ###-###-#### or visit my website to order this product



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a bad skin, but recently I found cosmetic line "rasa" made in Europa. The cream I am using is for problem skin like pimples which I had a lot. Now just after 3 days looks so much better....They have a website to check but they do not sell it outside the country.
So if someone wants, please check the web and email me, I will help you to get it.

My email is [email protected]



answers from Omaha on

hey C., check out Arbonne offers all natural bontanical products has no added chemicals or additives. Do not buy cheap products like Avon and other over the counter. Your skin is everything and will need to last forever. Let me know if I can answer any of your skin questions. Happy new years


answers from Chicago on

These tips help you to make your skin lighter and healthier.

• Take some oatmeal along with curd and tomato juice. Apply this mixture on the face and keep it for about 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.

• Potato acts as a very good bleaching agent. Slice a potato and keep them over the face. This would lighten the marks.

• Take a little turmeric powder and add a few drops of lime juice. Apply this on the darkened area. This would help to reduce tan effectively.



answers from Pittsburgh on

In 2008 a friend in Chicago sent me samples of a French line.
Knowing that the French are among the best in the skincare business, I tried the Votre Vu samples. they were amazing I then order the whole anti-aging line!!
The products arrived within 48 hours and after the first application, my skin already looked healthier. Ten days later and my skin just glows. I'm hooked and will never use anything else! I am 51 and look great" —
I then signed up as a Brand Ambassador in 2009 falling in LOVE with the line.

Votre Vu, a naturally based Skincare Company. We did not just stumble on this gold mine of a company with 80 years of research and developement votre Vu went out on a quest to find the very best. Until now, Votre Vu has only been available in high end spa's in Paris, France. Product orders are Filled and distributed in the US via one on one's, e-commerce, home parties or other casual networking channels. Come Join Me as a preferred customer, host and or consultant! Check out my website and read what the Celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna are saying about Votre Vu and read all Press that Votre Vu is receiving. Be in the KNOW NOW.
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