Beagle Aggressive Behavior

Updated on February 24, 2009
S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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We recently adopted a 2 year old beagle. He is the cutest and sweetest dog to everyone except my 2 year old son. Believe it or not, my son is actually really good with him, but the dog growls at him whenever he tries to pet or show any type of attention to the dog. What can I do to stop this behavior? Do I need to just get rid of him? We've only had him two weeks and my husband is giving me a month to get him trained or the dog is gone :(

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answers from Kansas City on

Well I'm going to be the odd one out and say keep the dog! It probably is traumatized from being put in the pound in the firstplace. I think what you need to do though is get a doll that is approximately the same size as your toddler. Then dress the doll in clothes that your child has worn latly. But if the behavior doesn't start to change over time or esculates to bitting then that is when I would find it a good home with no kids or make it an outside only dog.

use the doll to calm the dogs fears. Honestly people underestimate how many emotions animals truly do have. take the doll up to the dog and make the doll reach for the dog and if the dog growls tell the dog no be nice. it takes a little time but it should work. yes an older dog can learn new tricks it just takes a little longer for them.

Just so you know I did this with our puppies when they were around 4 months or so before my daughter was born. told them baby be nice and gently. we had a doll dressed up in actually baby clothes with lotion and powder in a real diaper. it worked very well. now a stranger couldn't get near her if they tried.



answers from St. Louis on

I don't know. I have a 4 year old daughter and 2 beagles. The only time there was a problem with aggression was when my daughter was very rough on our female one who has arthritis and a spinal cord injury. I have really never heard of beagles being aggressive in that manner.

Also, if he's already showing aggressive behavior, then I don't think I would take the risk keeping him. I don't know, discuss this with the place you adopted him from and see if they have any suggestions.

Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I applaud you for adopting a dog, but it doesn't always work when you have little ones. Apparently the beagle has had some kind of bad experience in the past from kids. I'm with the majority need to find it a new home. That is just a risk you take when you adopt an older dogs. Get a puppy ...they will grow up with your children and you can train them easier from the beginning, not have to break old bad habits. A puppy is a lot of work and they like to jump up a lot, so I'd wait a while before getting a one. Or you can try your luck on another adoption, but maybe take your son along to see how the dogs respond to him.


answers from St. Louis on

I would seek professional advice about the dog but in the mean time keep your baby away from him. My dog was never agressive to anyone but I still wouldnt trust them alone together. Personally I would get rid of him, who knows if training would even work for this type of behavior. Thats scary! Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

Seek an dog behavorist immediately!
Not to put down Petsmart or Petco they are animal trainers and not a behavorist.

I'm not sure where you live but Pet Connection in Mission has a GREAT program in training, they are all behavorist and will help you. There fees are affordable. They are a rescue place that rehabs animals that have been given up, and since aggression is one of the reason people give up an animal they are experience and can better advise you.

Best of Luck. If the dogs aggression is getting worse or unprovked, then I think it's time to let the dog go.


answers from Kansas City on

i am no expert by any means but i have had friends with beagles and just my personal opinion, i think they're way too high strung to be around kids. they take a lot of work and attention. i would get him in some classes asap, at the very least. if you're willing to put in the time, money, and effort, i'm sure they can be good dogs. i'm more of a kid person than a dog person :) good luck!



answers from Joplin on

For the sake of your little one, don't take the risk...this dog has not had a chance to become part of the family yet, don't get more attached, find the beagle a better home with no small children, I am an animal lover but kids safety has to come first. even a small dog can maim a child, beloved family pets have been known to snap for little reason and this dog is already aggressive towards your lil one.

I had to make a Really tough choice and send one of my "babies" to live with my in laws, I had Mr.Kitty for 6 years! But He would not stop biting my now 17 month old son ( and my son was pretty gentle with him as well ) but making a choice between my son and a cat? As much as I love Mr. Kitty Alex won hands down. ALso it helps knowing Mr.Kitty Loves his new home = )

Good luck!

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