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Updated on January 11, 2011
J.L. asks from Monrovia, CA
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My daughter is turning 2 and I would like to get her some new bath tub toys for her birthday. She can't use anything with the tub crayons because we have black tile everywhere, and it was really hard to see when I tested it out.
So what are your favorite bath tub toys for toddlers? I also need some kind of storage device, but a lot of them I see require a corner, and we only have one corner (our tub has 2 open sides) and that corner is occupied. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and my daughter LLLOOOOVVVEEESSSS playing in the bath and will stay in there until wrinkled, so the simple rubber ducks aren't as entertaining to her anymore. Thanks!

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answers from Redding on

My kids favorite toys were bowls, cups, large plastic spoons. Don't ask me why. They liked them more than "toys". They did love their little wind up toys. They had swimming froggies and fish.
We had a mesh bad that hung over the shower head for everything to drip dry. It worked great.

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answers from Houston on

I've seen plenty of storage that just suctions to the corner necessary. Check One Step Ahead's website.

My daughter loved the sponge letters and numbers, cups, sieves, spoons.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I got a bathtub car for my son from Babies R Us that he really likes. He also has the "B You" brand boat from Target (used to be Parents brand). It comes with a lot of neat stuff like a fishing pole and fish.

Discovery Toys sells some bath shapes to stick to the wall that you can use to make all kinds of fun things - put the shapes together to build a house, a boat, etc

The Measure Up Cups from DT are also great. Your daughter can experiment with filling and pouring and comparing the sizes (they are all proportionally correct):



answers from Dallas on

I bought my 2yo daughter a little bath set that came with three wind up toys (you pull a string and they "swim"). It also came with a net to catch the critters. She loves that thing and will play with it for hours if we let her. I found it at Walmart in the toy aisle with the toddler toys. I think it was around $5.

As far as storage goes, I think I have tried everything under the sun. When my son was little I wasted quite a bit of money on gadgets and nets. Nothing seems to work for us. It's either too small or the suction cups don't work, or it would work for a while and then suddenly stop working. I have switched to a plastic container. It once had animal cookies from Costco in it. I had my hubby drill a few holes in the bottom so water can drain out. It's been perfect. And since our kids bathroom is also a hall bath, when we have company I can easily stash the container out of the way for a few days. We have used it for three years and it's still in terrific shape!



answers from Dallas on

My 20 month old son loves random kitchen items. Bowls, cups, strainers, funnels. He also likes cars to drive in the edge of the bathtub, buckets, balls. We bought him some different bath toys and he doesn't pay any attention to them!



answers from Chicago on

We have nesting cups with little holes in the bottom from infancy. The kids love filling them up with soapy water and they dry great. Otherwise, go to the dollar store and get her some measuring spoons and cups.

There's foam soap which my kids have loved. And there's also bath fizzies that turn the water different colors. I know WalMart has both near their bubble bath stuff. Ours were Sesame Street characters on the bottles.

We also have a hammock style bag that has two suction cups on it. I think we got it at Target? It sticks to the tiles and holds all their toys up to air dry.

What about a pair of goggles? Teach her to blow bubbles, hold her breath and pick up stuff from the bottom of the tub. They're great to rinse their hair when it's full of soapy water too.

BTW - I really dislike many of the rubber duckies and such too. They easily retain water and get moldy/mildewy - yuk!


answers from Dallas on

Nickjr. com has some really cute Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys that suction to the wall and it's like $11 for the set. My DD got a boat what has a little man that goes in it at big lots for $1.50 too. She also has a baby doll in there and she loves her barbie mermaid.
You can't go wrong with cups and squirt toys.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Anything can be a tub toy!
It's the keeping them clean and stored that's the challenge--haha
I always take all out, dry and put in a basket in the towel cupboard until the next day. My son (7) still likes boats, torpedos, bombs, etc in his baths!



answers from Miami on

My daughters favorite actually was straight from baby R Us. it was these plastic animals with little holes in the bottom. Squeeze them put them under water and slowly let the suction pull the water in. Then take them out of the water and squirt.


answers from Austin on

buckets, cups, sponges. We had a net, that could be suction cupped to the wall as a toy storage bag.. .. I actually had 2 of these bags, because I washed them once a week with the towels.. Make sure the Toys can go in the dishwasher so they can be cleaned too..



answers from Los Angeles on

HI-My son loves anything from Boon. Plus they're all BPA free. has the best list of non-toxic baby toys.
Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

My fav when I was a little girl was a doll that I had for the tub... I would wash her hair and give her a bath too! As for my son, he loves the foam alphabet letters, they stick to the walls and we spell his name or ask him what letter it is. Another great idea that we use is having a kick bored (ya know the ones for swimming) in the tub that way he can set things on it, like a cup and fill it with water. Your little girl could use it for a tea party!

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