Bath Toys for a 4-Year-old

Updated on April 13, 2010
A.P. asks from Anaheim, CA
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Hi, Mommies out there.
It is once again that time to get rid of the squirt toys in my dd's bath net. But I am wondering if I should even bother replacing them. She is starting to take showers now (with my help and supervision) And still enjoys a bubble bath. I have no vision and I hate the idea that her toys can be moldy with out me knowing. Any suggestions are welcome. My other 2 are boys and transitioned to showers at around the same age but didn't have so many bath toys as they would bring in legos, cars, and foam puzzle pieces; which we no longer have.
Thanks so much for your wonderful advice.

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So What Happened?

First off, thank you all for such wonderful advice. I talked to her and we decided that we are getting rid of all the icky toys and switching to big-girl showers. For bubble bath time a few toys, (musical instruments, cups, and teaset) will work out as long as "mommy" gets to wash them with a cleaner after the bath. Thank you all again.
A. P

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Bath crayons, color tablets (they change the color of the water), and bath puzzles to do on the wall are all I can think of right now. :)

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Bath crayons if you tub is the right material and if your daughter likes to draw. Also Tea Party tup things my daughter loves, we have a little plastic set (2 cups & saucers, a tea pot, 2 spoons)... she also has a few other things like musical bath instruments that float on the water so one can play them (I think her aunt found this at a learn shop, or one online).

Those squirt toys are just the worse, after the first set started to get blackish/gray on the inside I just threw them all out... I tried so hard to get all the water out of them and air them out and even soaked them in vinager but never did any good.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.,
My son, 5 years of age, still likes his squirt toys.* I rinse them after every bath with a natural cleaner called Thieves that kills bacteria and mold.

But my son also likes water instruments -- I think the brand is Alex. I think as long as she has fun and can explore in the tub it doesn't matter what the toys are... even the toothbrush cup can be a great toy to explore floating and sinking.


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Have you send the recent MSNBC report on bath toys? OMG.

Pardon my french, but it's like bathing in sh*t soup!! My daughter is also four and she prefers showers over baths now, too. We have no more bath toys, anyway, because she'd rather take a quick bath than play in there now.



answers from Los Angeles on

I no longer buy bath toys. i use the plastic cups from kids restuarant meals-and doesn't she have a barbie? or something else plastic? A Dora figurine?

good luck



answers from Madison on

My kids like to pour, so we have plastic measuring cups, plastic buckets of different sizes. Put toys in that do not have a air hole. They won't get nasty like the ones that allow water inside.


answers from Fresno on

My daughter is also 4, and she loves to take her little matchbox cars and My Little Ponies into the bath. I just let her choose a couple of her "regular" toys to take in with her, rather than buying toys specifically for the bath.



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter has a hard plastic bath toy that sticks to the walls with plungers. She takes it in the shower and stands there and plays with it. It is a little mermaid toy.



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I let my 3 year old take in all tge toys she gets in her kid meals. They are usually an animal or doll or fun little gadget and she plays house or zoo or whatever and I don't have them piling up the toybox. Another great thing is I could care less about tossing them when they are no longer usable, as they weren't something cute I picked up personally for her or a neat toy from Grandma or anything like that. Hope this helps.

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