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Updated on October 28, 2009
J.K. asks from North Highlands, CA
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Hi Moms,
My son is 21 months old and is in need of some new bath toys now that he is older. I am at a loss as to what would be good. I am not interested in the toys that let them draw in the tub because I do not want him to get used to drawing anywhere other than on paper (trying to save my walls). Thanks in advance for any help :)

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answers from San Francisco on

My best advice is to stay away from the 'squirty' toys. Anything that sucks in water. They will get moldy inside, even if you are diligent about cleaning them in bleach water all the time. They are fun, but don't last too long.

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answers from San Francisco on

I agree about the squirty toys. They were so cute, and then got so yucky. In fact, we stay away with anything that has holes or a way for water to get in and not out. If it doesn't dry properly inside it eventually gets mildewy.

Our kids have liked bowls or cups, boats, little figures that can ride in the boats or cups (like you might get from a Happy Meal), plastic fish (the kind you'd get in a bag of barn or jungle animals), and especially a net to go "fishing" with. They haven't needed anything fancy, just enough to get their imagination going.


answers from Fresno on

My suggestion is to give him some of your old Tupperware containers or measuring cups/spoons. My husband drilled little holes in the bottom of a few containers so water will come out in a little shower - they love that! I have bought all kinds of bath toys in my mommy career, but the ones they like the best are ones that weren't intended to be toys. I read in John Rosemond's book Parent Power that the toys that are developmentally best for kids are the ones that allow them to pretend. For instance, a plastic bowl can be a swimming pool, a hat, a boat, a house, or any number of things a child imagines. If you buy a toy boat, it can only be a boat. Just something to think about! =)

I do agree with the other mom's advice to stay away from things that suck in water. Invariably they don't get emptied all the way and they end up spewing out black, moldy goo all over the tub. Gross!!



answers from San Francisco on

Cups of different sizes, boats with things that can ride in them, sail boats, tiny basketball hoop and balls(no holes) was a fav for a long time. We also have foam pirates that stick to the wall and cars trucks road that stick to wall, numbers and letters that stick to wall.



answers from Burlington on

My son loved a plastic funnel. Cheap in price, long on attention span when you add a plastic bottle....



answers from Sacramento on

I agree with Catherine C. about the plastic containers. You can take a milk jug and drill holes in the bottom of that or throw-away-containers such as empty margarine or cool whip tubs. Then if they get icky you can just throw them out.

Also, my toddler LOVES to play with Ice Blocks in the tub. I just take a empty milk carton (the paper type not plastic) and put in colored water (water + food coloring) and then some plastic toys such as Little People figures. Freeze. You can repeat the layers as well. So fill 1/3 of the way and add your colored/plain water + toys allow to freeze, go back add another layer of water + toys, etc. I know this isn't praticial to do all of the time but it is fun for the occassional treat. And it is free especially if you already have the food coloring on hand or use plain water. I have also found that this sparks her interest in the toy that she "rescued" out of the Ice Glacier (as we call them in my house). She will then play with that toys for days on end.

My daughter also has some toy bath boats that she received as a gift and she likes playing with that in the bath. Also, a Winnie the Pooh bath tub toy set. She loves to give Piglet a bath. Of course, I initialy had to show her how to do this and every since it has become one of her favorite bath time activities. Does he have little plastic action figures that he can "give a bath"?



answers from San Francisco on

At that age, my daughters favorite toys were her rubber ducky and the foam numbers/letters that when wet, she could stick to the wall. We just made sure that we had a bath toy net bag that we could put everything in to air dry and no standing water.

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