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Updated on March 12, 2008
B.S. asks from San Antonio, TX
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When do you start letting your child take a Shower by themselves?
My 9 y/o has no desire to take a shower. He loves taking a bath.
Is this normal? To me I don't care but I'm wondering if he spends the
night somewhere that they will make funny at him. What do you think...

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone I feel better. I was just thinking that most young men 9 or 10 take only showers and was thinking if I should make him start taking showers.... He has taken a shower or two when his at my Dad's house. Dad says he does fine. I was only wondering when everyone else made the transition.

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answers from Dallas on

My two youngest kids, 8 & 3, prefer baths most definitely, but will take showers as well when time is short. I think it doesn't matter as long as they are getting clean somehow. As far as bathing at someone else's house goes, unless they get unusually dirty, or are there for an extended period of time (more than a 1 night stay), I don't think it's necessary for them to bathe at the other person's house. And unless the place he's staying doesn't have a bathtub (they only have a shower), I can't imagine anyone would have a problem with him taking a bath instead of a shower if he did need to bathe.

I guess you should just prepare him by explaining that when he's home, baths are fine, but if he ever has to bathe at a friend's or relative's house, or if he ever goes to camp, they may not have a bathtub and he may need to shower instead. Hopefully at age 9, he can understand that.

I think kids preferring baths is perfectly normal. I know both my daughter and son don't like the spray of the shower hitting them in the face and that's why they prefer the bath. Like I said, they will shower if necessary, but their preference for the bath is perfectly normal. I personally prefer a nice relaxing bath over a shower any day. :-)

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answers from Houston on

I have 4 boys, when they got to about 1st grade my boys always started taking showers by themselves. As kindergarteners we started them in our shower and told them what to do and how so they learned what to wash (since they ARE boys and probably hadn't noticed they were getting cleaned in the bath!)Now I in no way imply that that they cleaned themselves at that age but they took showers none the less. My responsible children were fine, my mischievious son just plays in the water for 20 minutes before someone yells at him to get out. My 9 year old does shower and has for several yearsbut does occasionally like to take a bath (I like that I know he actually gets cleaned at least once a month!)



answers from Dallas on

I have two boys...13 & 14. My 13 yo takes a shower everynight and loves it. My 14 yo however, is a little different. He loves sitting in the bathtub...and would for hours if I would let him. But he starts out with the shower to wash his hair and body and then fills up the tub and sits in the bath for a while. To me, it doesn't matter which they long as they do. :)



answers from Killeen on

I don't think it's anything to worry about. We all have our preferances.



answers from Houston on

What !!!!!.......both my children girl / boy age 9 & 6, both take bath's !! They love bubble bath's !
And choose the bath-tub ! Everybody is different !
Alot of people are just too lazy to wait for the bath-tub to fill up ! There weird if they make fun of your child taking a bath ! At least he is clean !!.....



answers from Beaumont on

My kids started taking showers this year and they are 4,7,and 8 years old. They don't take them every night, most of the time they want to take baths. But the first time they took one they were kinda scared but then they liked it once they did it.



answers from Dallas on

I am 35 and still prefer a bath. I shower if I am dirty or sweaty, but really prefer a bath. My dad showers and my mom bathes. My husband does some of each. I think of it as a personal preference and would not think it was abnormal either way.



answers from Dallas on

I agree with all the other moms who have posted that as long as he's getting clean, let it be his choice. If he has an "isslue" with water getting in his face, however, I have an idea.

At 42, I *still* don't like water hitting me in the face, so I keep a DRY washcloth close by to wipe my face off and keep the water from running into my eyes (they are sensitive, for some reason). Since I use a loofah for my soap, it's easy to keep them separate. Even if his washcloth gets wet, just have him wring it out before wiping his face, and he will be fine.

I can not think of any reason why ANYONE would make fun of your son wanting a bath vs a shower, especially at the age of 9. Just be glad he WANTS a bath, too!! :)

Warm wishes!



answers from Dallas on

This just may be our family preference, but when the girls spend the night at someone else's house, they don't shower or bath.... unless they got really stinky.

And the many kids that spent the night over here over the years usually don't, but those that do have been old enough to take care of themselves without being watched. Therefore, they're given a towel and the door is shut and they are left to do whatever their bath routine is.... no one monitors, not us or their friends.



answers from San Antonio on

Dont sweat the small stuff. So long as he is getting clean let him use the tub. He will get in a hurry soon enough.



answers from Houston on

Why doesn't he like to take a shower? Is there a reason? my son has only ever taken a shower. since he was 2, he has only taken a shower. Maybe there is a reason to his not liking showers. it might be the water gets in his face. I wish i could help.


answers from Dallas on

I say do what he likes. Maybe a bath is calming to him whereas a shower is to someone else. I know I am not a bath person because as soon as I do, I get a UTI. My 12 yr old daughter showers every night. I think she is a "shower person" simply because her dad and I am. My mom is not "normal" unless she has her hot bath everynight. To each his own.

As for sleepovers. I have 2 full baths upstairs stocked for guests. Most of the time, the girls do not bathe unless they get dirty or are planning to go somewhere. In the event they do ...a private area is there for them and I don't ask if they bathe or shower. I just ask that the wet towels get in the basket and clean up after themselves.


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