Bassinet to Crib??

Updated on February 07, 2012
K.H. asks from Wausau, WI
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When is a good age to move a baby from the bassinet in your room to the crib in her own room? Also, my baby will be sharing a room with her 6 year old sister. Does moving your baby into the crib when they are a year or so hard for them to adapt???

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answers from Austin on

I agree with the weight limits on the bassinet or rolling, PLUS when they start getting up on hands and knees, it is definitely time to move them. Bassinets are not as deep, and I would worry about them managing to get over the side.

Mine usually stayed in the bassinet for a couple of months... mostly for convenience to have them near at hand.

I had kids sharing rooms from birth (or shortly after) on..... but there wasn't a 6 year difference. They each learn to sleep through the other noises from an early start this way.

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answers from Phoenix on

Because you have a 6 yr old, I'd leave your baby in your room as long as possible. Usually a bassinet will only hold a baby to 3 or 4 months of age when they begin to turn over and weight exceeds 15 lbs. Consider bringing the crib in your room for the first year. Babies often wake frequently in the night and I wouldn't want to disturb big sister's rest or trust her completely alone with a very young baby in a crib. My last 2 infants spent the first year of their life in our room.

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answers from Milwaukee on

We did what Rachel did. In our last house our room was to small for the regular sized crib so we got a wooden mini crib. It was perfect and then I sold it on CL and made 1/2 my money back. :)

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answers from Dover on

When your baby starts to roll and/or when they hit the weight limits of the bassinet, you MUST move that baby to a crib.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I agree with the others... don't put a baby in a room with a six year old. If you dont have the space then the baby should stay in your room. Also, can't think of anytime that these two should share a room.

My bassinet is for babies under 20-25 lbs but at 16the lbs I still don't trust it so it is wedged between the bed and large night stand. When my baby starts to roll I will move her to the crib (which is also in our room). She will be in the master bedroom until she is one.

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answers from Fort Collins on

Agree with Lynne and Rachel. You will have to move baby into crib sooner than you will wamt to move her into sister's room. We had our first in crib in our room for 4 months...was in bassinet for 2-3 months prior.

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answers from Columbia on

He moved to the crib at 3 months old.

Sleep training at 4 mo.

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answers from New York on

We moved our son when he was 15 weeks. I would say if they are sleeping through the night, move them. My son was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, I just loved having him next to me and kept him a little longer. :) Good luck!

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answers from Des Moines on

We kept our youngest in a pack n' play in our room for about a year. Easier on me, because I was nursing; and it also kept nightime wakings from disturbing our toddler. We had a few days of transition moving him to the crib (we used it for naps first, to get him used to it. We also had it up most of the year we didn't use it at night). Worked for us:) Everyone has a different opinion on sleep, though! Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

I moved all my kids around 3 months old. I wanted them to enjoy the closeness of the bassinet for a little while, but wanted them to get used to the crib at a very early age so that transition wasn't too difficult. Good luck!



answers from Appleton on

We moved our son to a crib when he got big enough that his arms would hit the sides of the bassinet and wake him up.

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