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Updated on February 14, 2009
K.H. asks from Keller, TX
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I am expecting our third child & am looking for a good bassinet. before i used a small playpen that has a bassinet feature, however i am now a sahm & plan to bf for much longer this time & want the baby to be close as well as comfortable. any bassinet or co-sleeper recommendations would be great. also i am looking for something that i might be able to get for not more than $130 or so new or in good condition used if that helps.

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I too am looking for a bassinet for my second baby. I am not sure what I am getting but wanted to pass along to you that you should not use a Simplicity one because several of them, and also cribs, were recalled. We had to get ours out of storage to take back to Babies R Us because of the recall. Good luck! :-)



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Hello K.~

I used the Eddie Bauer bassinet. It is a lil more than you are looking for but honestly is was worth it. I got mine at Babies R Us but I just saw that they have it at Target. It is $149.00 at Target and maybe cheaper somewhere else. It is the light wood/dark wood bassinet. It was wonderful. It has a music box on it so he listened to music and it was a snug area for him to be in so he felt secure. It has a lil space underneath to put diapers, bottles, whipes ect for easy to get go. I love it and my best friend is actually using it for her lil newborn. Its a year old and still in great condition. Good luck!!!



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I second the Eddie Bauer Bassinet. I absolutely loved it.


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Hey K.! I am too looking for a good bassinett for my baby due August 3 and am hoping someone responds to your post with some good suggestions. I used a moses basket type bassinett with my daughter (3 1/2 yrs) but she didn't like it much. There are several cute ones at Babies R Us but who knows if they are actually worth the $$$.

Anyway, good luck with your pregnancy (its going to be a long hot summer!!!!)


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