Basketball Spirit Ideas

Updated on November 23, 2010
S.N. asks from Brownstown, IN
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I am attempting to make some type of special treat or small inspirational gift for my 12 year old sons basketball team for each of their games. I have made bookmarks, sent in cookies, made name and number locker decorations but I am low on ideas. They have about 15 more games so any ideas would be greated appreciated.

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree that food, especially for 12 year old boys is always appreciated! You could always make cupcakes that are decorated like basketballs. They also sell chocoates wrapped in basketball foil, you could do a few of those in a little baggie one week with some jelly bellies that are in team colors. You could also get some fun basketball keychains or something they can hang on their backpack or use for their keys. Look on Oreintal Trading Co. for some fun ideas, they have tons of sports stuff. I think they also sell button making could make a button for each of them with their name and number, maybe a picture on it, and give it to them with a note that says give this to one of your adoring fans so they can support you each week, or something like that. Maybe check out a book of jokes from the library and tape a different silly joke to each of their lockers. They have a bunch of silly jokes books and I'm sure there's one about sports jokes! You could also take notes from one of the games and write down something positive that each one of them contributed to the game, whether it was actually in the game or through their support and write it down and tape it to their locker. If you go to a teacher supply store they will probably have some basketball shaped paper, or you could just cut out some orange circles. Finally, take some pictures from various games. One week give them each a picture of themselves from one of the games. Sounds fun, I'm sure they really appreciate it!

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answers from Knoxville on

When I used to play... way back when... my coach would take a piece of construction paper and cut it into four. These would get pinned on each player. Each game, she would tape a piece of candy to it, and make some pun with the name of the candy. For instance... Score Mounds of points tonight. (and instead of writing Mounds, she would tape a mounds candy bar to the paper.) Since these are boys, they might not want to wear these, but they could be taped to their locker. Then at the end of the day we got to eat the candy. It was fun to see what she would come up with. That was just what she did and it was a fun little thing that we could always expect for each game.


answers from New York on

I think they would continue to enjoy homemade cookies, rice crispie treats and brownies



answers from Nashville on

Wow, you are such a good mom! My first thought was the chocolate lollipops in the shape of a basketball, they are not pricey and can be wrapped individually. What about the terry cloth basketball wrist things the players wear? $1 or $2 McDonald's gift certificates or ice cream certificates for after the game. Pizza party after, that wouldn't be too pricey. cool Gatorade bottles, you could even make a cute label/sticker for them. Google some ideas too.

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