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Updated on March 16, 2009
B.C. asks from East Meadow, NY
4 answers

Hi Mamas- I am planning a basketball themed playgroup for a group of moms with kids ranging from a few months old to about 3 years old. I have a little tykes basketball hoop that the older kids can play on (any of them that are walking) but am not sure what I can do for the crawlers. I have tiny hackey sack sized basketballs that I am giving out. Should I just use some buckets as "hoops" for them or does someone have a better idea? Thanks!

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I wouldn't worry about the crawlers too much, their Moms will probably be happy just with other Moms to hang out with. Before mine walked, I brought their own little toys to play with when we went anywhere.



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Sounds like fun! The crawlers aren't likely to use the "hoops", but I know that my crawler loves to chase after balls. You could get a couple of grapefruit sized balls and let them crawl around with those. V-Tech makes a great ball that may be $$ (ours was a gift) that rolls on its own and the baby has to crawl after it. It sings, lights up and has buttons to push. Our peanut loves it!



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I have a personalized party favor business and have some cute basketball themed favors you might be interested in. Check out my website at I also give a 10% discount to Mamasource moms!



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Hi B.,

For crawlers, I would be a little cautious about something hacky-sack sized. With this age group, everything is going to go straight into the mouth. Just make sure everything is too big to swallow and isn't made with (or dyed with) a substance that shouldn't be ingested.

Best of luck,


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