Baseball Pants Meet Red Dirt

Updated on February 24, 2011
D.S. asks from Des Moines, IA
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Hey laundry queens out there :-) My boy has started t-ball & of course has already gotten his pants crazy filthy from 1 practice! What is the best way to get the red dirt/grass stains out? I normally use Purex - do ya think just pretreating with that will work? I would love to have your tips :-)

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answers from Dallas on

My son has worn white pants for I don't know how long now for baseball. I've always pretreated and used bleach with my soap. One thing we were told by a professional team is to use Simple Green. I found it at Wal Mart in the automotive section. Some others have found it by the Windex in household goods. Even though its a concentrate - use it straight and spray it on the pants. Then wash as normal. The ones I've seen washed with that are so white and clean ! I will be trying the next time I wash.

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answers from Miami on

Two things, one is dishwashing detergent in your washer with the pants alone or buy a bar of soap (I can't remember the name) its either by the laundry soaps or regular bar soaps but it's for clothes. You scrub the pants and let them soak and it comes out. I used this solution for years. Do not use Scotchguard as suggested. That is totally toxic!

Oh I just read the other responses and the soap is Fels Naptha.



answers from Boca Raton on

Use Fels Naptha, it works like a charm!! It is a bar soap that you find in the laundry section, usually on the top shelf. It costs 99 cents. Just wet the pants, rub the bar soap then rub the stain to massage the soap into the material, throw it in the wash, you will never even know the stain was there. It works great on regular stains too.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I refuse to use chlorine bleach for anything.
After coming home from a camping trip where it rained all week, and all of our clothes had red mud stains in them, I found that putting hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, spraying it on the stains and letting it fizz up, then washing in COLD water got them out.


answers from Tallahassee on

Always wash in cold water - heat sets the stain. If they are white - soak them over night in a bucket/bowl of cold water and bleach. Borax is my best friend too. I have a book called "Talking Dirty With The Queen Of Clean" She has some neat ideas of all kinds of dirt/stain/odor problems.
I would feel as you do, even though the pants will get the same stain over and over. Also buy a can of Scothguard and spray them down before each game.



answers from Jacksonville on

You'll never fully get the red color out. I've learned that over the years myself. But you can pre treat with Shout and add a few Tablespoos of Borax to your wash and that will help too. If you have a front loader, put the borax inside the washer, not the soap dispenser.




answers from Houston on

why fight it next practice it will be all over again no bodys baseball or football pants stay clean :(



answers from Pittsburgh on

Last year, my son's team had WHITE pants (had to be decided by a man!) and another mom told me to use a paste of the powder dishwasher detergent. Use gloves b/c it is harsh. It works.


answers from Boca Raton on

I use laundry products from Melaleuca (all natural products). They have a Melabright that removes anything!!! I never could get stains out till I found this stuff. Let me know if you want to try it.

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