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Updated on April 30, 2013
G.S. asks from Lexington, KY
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Okay, so this doesn't have much to do with my children, but I have more of another question. My husband and I have alot of older baseball cards some before 1969 and than others that go all the way up to 1992, some being never opened. Anyways, my question is we have been wanting to get rid of them and sell them, but not exactly sure where. I live near the Lexington, KY area and so I was wanting to get rid of then in Lexington. I was wondering if anyone knew of any place that they have been to personally to get rid of any year or any card. We have like boxes of them and don't use them or have any use for them and they more so just take up space. I have looked up a few places on the internet that are in the area and the phone book but couldn't really find much and the few places that offered numbers where numbers that have been disconnected. If anyone could give me any information concerning this, please let me know! Thanks!

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answers from Louisville on

If you don't do ebay or craig list. I would for an auction house close by that have auctions every week. It is amazing what someone will pay for them at an auction. The auctioneer will have a percentage that you would have to pay after they are sold and you get the rest of the money.
Hope this helps.

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answers from Nashville on

My Husband is an advid card collector and over the years we have had to sell off boxes of extra cards he did not want/need.
If you are looking to make money out of this - which you can make a lot with the right cards - list them on ebay. You can check first to see what they are going for and list them accordingly.
Craig's List would be a great way to list sets of cards or whole boxes and would get you in contact with people who want them. Check the "wanted" listings.
If you have a lot of "common" card that are just taking up space and you want to get rid of then look on line for a "sports card show" or "card show" in your area (a card store would know as well). You could either set up a booth there or ask the owner if he knows of anyone wanting to buy commons. Usually dealers want commons to sell so that people can finish there sets. And they will buy large amounts of commons for like 1.5 cents a card.
Also there is a very popular, very accurate card magazine/catalog called "Beckett". It listed info like asking prices for all sports cards. You can buy one at a card store. This would be a useful tool if you are wanting to sell and make money.
My husband and his father are very knowledgeable (aka - spend too much time :-)) on cards so if you have any other questions I am sure they can help. I know what is like to have cards taking over your house and trying to sell them so I hope this helps! ~ M.



answers from Greensboro on

Hi G.!
I too have beyond too many baseball/basketball cards that date WAY back. If you find out any thing let me know. I tried ebay and havent had any luck with it...I dont want them anymore, but I dont want to GIVE them away. I know some have to be worth something. Thanks!



answers from Memphis on

Well, I might not help but I saw you were near Lexington and I couldn't resist. I was born there ( I'm now in Memphis ) and my family now lives in Georgetown.

Check the yellow pages, sometimes you can find places that deal with sports memoribilia exclusively that you can have your cards appraised. You might also look into coin or stamp places, they might also be able to appraise card collections or refer you to someone who can.

Be wary of anyone who offers to take them off your hands without appraising them, I would get at least two appraisals if you plan to sell to a dealer.

There are places online that authenticate and appraise cards, but I think you have to send them off... I'm not sure how that works.

Also, try Craigslist! If you just want to get rid of them, or are looking for a buyer after you've had them appraised, try and see if Lexington has a page. Good luck!



answers from New York on

This is new one but you'll save on fees since they don't charge them. It's called Hope you like it.



answers from Charlotte on

I was going to suggest ebay, but another person said she didn't have any luck. Maybe try to sell them on Craigslist.



answers from Nashville on

I tend to be a pack rat and have a hard time throwing things away so this may be bad advice, but what about holding on to them and giving them to your boys when they get older. They might really appreciate seeing such old baseball cards. Otherwise, I would say try ebay and craig's list. Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

Hi, G.,

I thought that you could find like a baseball card dealer? I am sorry I wish that I could be more of help.

Good Luck!




answers from Knoxville on

Don't know if you feel like mailing them - but we had several boxxes given to us. My kids and hubby went thru, hoping to find something priceless, of course! They kept a few from our team (the Braves) - and some other players they were familiar with, but nothing really worth much. I listed the rest on Ebay, for $10 for a huge box - there are collectors that will pay lots even if they don't know what kind of cards are in it. And a large shoebox size full of cards costs a good chunk to mail - like $10-12 - so you have to charge the proper amount up front. But that is a way to make a little money off of them anyway....
Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

First off, I would find out the real value of the baseball cards and then maybe I would take a shot at ebay.



answers from Charlotte on

Try Craigslist ( - then find your city and click on that). Then just find the appropriate category for that and type in an ad. It's easy and free.

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