Bartlett, IL - What's It Like?

Updated on February 28, 2012
K.Z. asks from Lisle, IL
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We are currently in the market for a new home. One of the areas that we are thinking about looking into is Bartlett, but neither my husband or I are familiar with the area. We would love some thoughts on the suburb such as schools, things to do, best locations, park district etc. Any subdivisions to look at or avoid?

Thanks for all your help!

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I live close to downtown Bartlett. I love being walking distance to the library, parks and the park district. The park district and library have great programs for kids. However, we are concerned that the school district is not the best. We are planning to send our daughter to private school. If we were in St. Charles or Wheaton, we might not have done that.



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My husband's cousin lives there and wants desperately to move to another suburb. The schools are not great (there aren't terrible, just not that good either). She feels like they are far from a lot of things - downtown Chicago, Woodfield and Schaumburg for shopping, etc. They can't move because they have lost all of the equity in their home and then some due to the bad real estate market. They have been there for 7 years.



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I have lived here since I was 10. I chose to stay in Bartlett when I got married and we now have two preschool aged children. We live by the Jewel on Stearns and Bartlett Road. We love that we can walk to the pool, library, parks, etc. My son goes to preschool at the park district and we LOVE it there!!! My husband and I both went to Elgin High School in u-46 and turned out just fine. We are both high school teachers now. I think of course the school district is something to think about but ultimately if you are supportive parents which I am sure you are I think that kids can be successful anywhere. I feel so lucky to call Bartlett my home.


answers from Chicago on

I have lived here for 24 years -- moved here from Iowa in the 80s -- and love it. It has a small-town feel and has great parks, nice park district, close to the train, cute little downtown. I can't say a lot of things about the schools, because my kids have always gone to Christian schools near the area, so I haven't been involved in the local schools. But all my neighbors have. It's district U-46, which is the second largest district in the state (at least I think it still is). It has its problems because it is so large. For example, I live on the north side of Bartlett and my daughter is now in the South Elgin High School district even though my older daughter went to Bartlett High. The boundaries tend to change every few years. It usually gets everybody's undies in a twist.

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