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Updated on July 09, 2009
N.W. asks from Clinton Township, MI
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I am having a small family get together for my son's 2nd birthday. He absolutely loves Barney and my mom is making a Barney cake. I don't want to go all out but would like to maybe just have some Barney plates and napkins for the cake and then I will probably do purple and green for the dinner plates and napkins. Everywhere I look online does not have any of it in stock. I finally found a place and it was going to cost me over $45 for 16 napkins, 24 plates and a tablecloth. Does anyone know of anywhere else I can get these Barney things for maybe a cheaper price?

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The Flower Factory in Utica (I didn't look to see where you live) much cheaper. I also find using plain plates (like Barney purple color) and maybe barney green color silverware and then use your napkins and cups and hats and cake and such as accessories will save you a bundle!!!!

The Flower Factory also has barney stickers (sm pack of 100 that you could give each kid for 88 cents each) and misc other cheap barney stuff.

The flower factory is THE BEST! Hope that helps!



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I don't know where you live. But the flower factory has b-day stuff cheap. Also theres a party place on schoehnerr and hall behind dsw shoes that has all b-day supplies for a dollar or you can try a dollar store.



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Have you thought about just buying purple plates and napkins and then decorating with Barney photos? You could get some cardstock and print some pictures of Barney from the internet and dangle some from the ceilings, or tape them to the walls. At my daughter's first birthday party we put photographs of her throughout the year underneath a flat piece of glass on the serving table. You could put some Barney photos in there mixed in with pics of your son holding his stuffed Barney.



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I checked on ebay and found this LOT of party supplies. $5.99 (starting bid)+ $10.35 shipping (all pieces are new and in packaging). Auction ends in 4 days, though.

GOOD LUCK whatever you decide to do!




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It'd be worth your time to run to some dollar stores. I often see character stuff there, especially characters that've been around awhile. I'd also check Target, Walmart and K-mart before ordering anything expensive on-line.



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Here are some prices for solid color dinner ware:
dinner plates: 3.99 / 24
desert plates: 2.00 / 24
Napkins: 3.69 / 50
Forks: 3.99 / 50
paper cups: 3.69 / 24

Plus, you can get fun stuff for really cheap to make goodie bags, etc.
Good luck!

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