Barking DOG!!!!!!

Updated on February 08, 2011
G.R. asks from Daly City, CA
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I live in California (San Diego) and a new neighbor moved in with a dog that barks all day long right by my bedroom window. This is the second time this has happened. The first time the woman had the nerve to be upset that I asked her nicely if she could do something about her two big dogs barking all day long by my window. We eventually moved but here I am again. We aren't going to be moving anytime soon and these people leave there dog right by my bedroom window.......what do I do? And pls tell me dog owners why do you think its ok for others to have to listen to your dogs bark all day long while your at work! I just don't get it. do I throw snacks over the fence or will that make it worse? These people can't be in denial about their dogs barking!!!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

my wonderful neighbor decided it would be such a great idea to breed german shepherds and keep them penned up all day - he has 7 adults, that bark and pace in their cages ALL DAY LONG. we live in an unrestricted area, but we still reported it, nothing was done, but maybe if enough people report it, something may be.
you can get those birdhouse ultrasonic devices, and handheld ones, when the dogs bark you can zap em.
I have a dog that barks, I open my window and shout SHUTUP!!, I think some people get desensitized to it

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answers from Detroit on

I would just complain to the police, or animal control - especially if by chance the dog is out there without shelter, water, etc.

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answers from Las Vegas on


I agree with the previous poster who recommended going to your neighbor and politely explaining the situation, giving them a chance to address the problem first. It's the right thing to do (unless there is some other information we don't have and that makes you fearful to approach them). They truly may not realize what is happening with their dog when they are gone.

If you don't get any relief by talking with the neighbor, know that every city has laws regarding animal control, and that includes barking. Go online, and look up your city. It may take some navigating around your city's website, but you'll find the information you need and a contact number.

I would not throw anything over the fence for any reason. If something happens to the dog (it chokes, has a reaction, gets sick, etc.), you could be held responsible. Don't take this into your own hands. Instead, if you can't resolve it with your neighbor, call a neutral party (animal control).

And since you asked, as a former dog owner, I will tell you that I don't think it is okay for dogs to bark ALL DAY long. Some barking in small doses is understandable, but constant barking is unacceptable, and that is why there are laws that require owners to take action to correct it.

When you live next to a farm, you know what you're dealing with (responding to another poster below). In suburban neighborhoods, you don't expect to hear constant animal noise. What many people forget is that there are so many individuals (medical personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, taxi drivers, airline personnel, etc.) who work on 3rd shift and must sleep during the day in order to be well-rested and alert enough to perform their duties safely.

Can you imagine, for example, being an ER nurse whose been kept awake all day because of a barking dog, and then being expected to dispense medications, provide treatments, attend to patient needs, and document charts accurately while being sleep deprived?

Just a thought for those who don't think it's a big deal.

I wish you the best in resolving this issue quickly and peacefully.

J. F.

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answers from Portland on

I strongly suggest that the first thing to do is to talk with your neighbor. The neighbor may not realize the dog is barking all day long or that it upsets you. Remember this is a different person than the one in your first experience. Start fresh. Give this owner a chance to resolve the problem.

Approach the neighbor in a calm manner with a friendly and co-operative spirit. If you're angry, expect them to respond in anger. Ask for their reasons for leaving the dog outside all day. Be sympathetic while being firm about wanting the barking to stop. Then give them a chance to work it out.

If after a few weeks it continues and the neighbor doesn't appear to be doing anything about it, call your county animal control and ask about the law concerning barking dogs. If this situation fits their criteria they will come out and talk with the neighbor and/or issue a citation.

This is a neighbor. The most important thing is for you to be a good neighbor and talk with them. Expect their co-operation. If you don't get co-operation then involve the law.

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answers from Atlanta on

Please don't get one of those ultrasonic things. You'll be punishing other dogs in the area that aren't doing anything anytime the barking dog sets it off. I'd talk to the neighbors first and let them know that their dogs are barking - they may be unaware. If that doesn't work, call the cops.

I lived in a condo about 6 years ago and had recently got a new puppy. I didn't know it, but while I was at work, he was barking a lot. The neighbors never told me, and had just called the cops (luckily for me the cops showed up when I was home, and very clearly my dog wasn't barking - so I don't know what happens after that). Had they told me first, I would have done everything in my power first to stop the barking, including putting the puppy at a doggy daycare so that he wasn't around by himself when I wasn't home. So, don't assume your neighbors are just being complacent about it - they may have no idea.

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answers from Boston on

They leave them outside all day?! That is not a person that loves their dogs! I never understood the point of having a dog if you leave outside all day! Are they leaving them with protection from weather (a dog house or other shelter), food, and plenty of access to fresh water? If not I'd be on the phone with animal control they don't need to know who made the complaint but they may be able to help you. Maybe if they get a fine or a warning they will take care of their dogs they way dogs are meant to be cared for. Don't get a grudge against pet owners or dogs just because you keep running into selfish people that obviously should not have them.
edited: If you toss them snacks and treats while they are barking it is just rewarding the behavior and they will bark even more because they will think "oh if I bark that person will feed me" This will help you understand why your neighbors dogs behave the way they do

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answers from Seattle on

I don't leave my dog outside when I'm gone.

Just like there are crappy parents out there, there are crappy dog owners, also.

Of course he DOES bark. Just like my son will run around screaming. Neither is constant, but both happen every day. Our neighbors don't mind our dog... but they HATE it when all the neighborhood kids are playing in our yard/in the pool in the summertime. "All day long the noise from your yard from all of those KIDS..."

I'm in no denial about what having 5 8yos, and a few 10 year olds sound like (I'm there, after all, and while annoying to one set it's music to me) plus our dog racing with them, because I'm actually there. If the dog is actually barking while they are GONE... record it. They may have no idea he barks so much.

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answers from Kansas City on

first off as a dog owner, you may want to watch how you generalize and paint us all with the same brush. my dog does NOT bark while i am here, but i have no idea what she does when i'm gone. but if she barked all day long i would hope someone didn't come at me with preconceived notions from past experience, and not judge me about it. i'd hope someone would kindly let me know, in a nice way. i understand you've had a bad experience before, but these are different people than your other neighbor. could it be that maybe you should approach them respectfully and perhaps they would react respectfully?

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answers from Washington DC on

most municipalities have laws about this. and yes, you have every right to be upset about it. dog owners are within their rights to keep their dogs outside if they want (some dogs are just not meant to be house dogs) but if their barking is causing distress to neighbors, it's not okay. you can't 'control' your dog while you're at work, but if you are a responsible pet owner you will not just expect everyone else to suck it up and put up with your obnoxious dog. train 'em, contain 'em, or find them a better home.
it is very possible this neighbor is not aware of what's going on. you really do have to approach her politely first. if it doesn't get better, make a nuisance complaint with the local police. i'll bet there is a noise ordinance unless you live somewhere very rural.
do NOT throw any food over the fence. if anything happens to that dog you will be in the crosshairs for poisoning it.
the dog owner may very well be uncooperative. unfortunately most folks who don't care that their animals are being disruptive are very defensive about the issue. don't get aggressive in response, but be firm and clear. you have a right to the enjoyment of your home and the law is very likely on your side. take advantage of it.

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answers from San Diego on

How are the yards set up where the dog is barking by your bedroom window? that's odd. Do you have any idea of what the dogs are barking at? I think we all live or have lived somewhere where we have to be tolerible to something reguarding our neighbors. Mine have chickens and roosters, and the roosters crow almost 24/7 their back yard and my daughters bedroom are close and it gets really loud in her room. Somethings we just have to accept to keep peace in the neighborhood. One mom suggest that you record the dog barking, there is no way to prove whos or what dog is barking, it's just a recorded sound, try and be more patient and try in a loving way to talk to the dog owners, but keep in mind that there is no way they can control the dogs from work. A barking dog can be a warning as well. J.

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answers from Augusta on

Dogs bark, it's what they do.
They can be trained to not bark but that involves a LOT of time that the neighbors don't have.

You can go to your neighbor and NICELY without attitude tell him or her that their dogs bark all day when they are outside and that can they please either keep them inside or put in a dog door so they can go inside.
Most dog owners don't have any control over what their dogs do when they aren't home.

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answers from Sacramento on

well, you could go over and say that another neighbor was complaining to you about the dog barking and you just wanted to let them know as this other neighbor has been known to call animal control and/or the police and since you're a big dog lover you wanted to give them a heads-ups!

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answers from Dallas on

I agree, no one can control what their dog does while they are gone.

Is this in a yard or what? Are they tying the dog to that side of the yard near your window? I would talk to them first and see if they can figure out something.

I am sure mine bark when people go by. They are protecting their yard. It's just somethiong alot of dogs do.

No one should have to keep their dog in their house while they are gone either! I can't get one of my dogs to quit using the house as a toilet and chewing everything in the house but her toys, and they both get in the trash and all over the couch no matter how much I correct them. My house is not big enough for 2 kennels either. It is PERFECTLY acceptable for my animals to be outside all day as long as I have left the proper food, water and shelter. The one that eats things and pees everywhere can also jump a 6ft privacy fence so she is in a kennel ATM because she eats all her halters!

**edit - Yes unfortunatly she is in a crate until I can find something she cannot chew off to tie her down with. WHy would I even try to put her in a dog run if she can jump a privacy fence?? SHe does not need much room at all to jump out.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

i hate it when dogs bark at night, even my own just to keep the peace i'll do what i have to do to keep that from happening, but in the day time....let them be dogs.....not much anyone can do to stop that i don't think, find out what the laws are in your area and see what law enforcement can do, it all depends on the law for your neighborhood

dogs barking in day time don't bother me that much, but at night, i'll do what i have to do to keep it from happening


answers from Dallas on

Call the police and make a report. It sounds extreme, but barking is ANNOYING!!! The second that my dog starts up, I'm out there telling her to shut it! If she won't stop (b/c of a possum or something), I'll put her in the garage. I can't imagine being rude to a neighbor who was annoyed by her.



answers from Stockton on

I too live in CA and yes, you can report the barking. My neighbor's dog has been reported twice so far (not by me.) I believe they will get fined if it's reported again. Really really nice people, had no idea their dog was barking all day (and night.) I do think it's always best to go in person and let them try to take care of it.
Responding to the one poster who leaves their dog in a kennel all day? I am hoping you meant a dog run and not crate.


answers from Dallas on

you can anonymously report this to the city in Texas. My guess is that it works the same in California.



answers from San Antonio on

It no longer surprises me that people will just let their dog bark day and night. It is absolutely amazing that the barking does not bother them even though the dogs are in their backyard.

I had recently had a problem with a neighbors dog that constantly barked. It irritated me during the day and kept me awake at night.

To make a long story short, I finally found something to get them to stop barking. Just go to to check out the product

The bottom line… I popped the cd into my cd player and almost fell out of my chair when the neighbor's dog stopped barking.

You will be AMAZED! I sincerely hope this helps. By the way, the cd will work on your own dog also.

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