Baptism Gift for a Toddler

Updated on January 20, 2008
C.P. asks from Chicago, IL
5 answers

In a couple of weeks, our almost 3-year-old will be getting baptized. Has anyone else gone through this with a toddler? I'm wondering what kind of gift we should give him (and my parents are wondering the same thing). We want it to be a special occasion even though he's no longer an infant. Any ideas would be great. I'm also wondering what he should wear. Obviously an all-white outfit seems inappropriate for a boy this age. Would a cute polo shirt & pants be acceptable? Does he need a suit? It's a Lutheran Church and the baptism ceremony will be part of the Sunday service.
Thanks for your ideas in advance!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Hi C.,

My nephew did his first communion and his 2 favorite gifts were an engraved bible and an engraved cross that he had asked for to hang in his room - he's older.

With outfits, check out Maybe Jannie. They are a little pricey but they have the cutest stuff. I got my daughter her baptism outfit there, 100% silk.

Other suggested some good things, with a boy though, I wouldn't spend my money with an engraved cross, I doubt he'll ever wear it.

I hope you have a beautiful ceremony!


answers from Chicago on

Gifts: Bible, cross for his room if he doesn't yet have it, chain with cross or saint medal, photo frame, monetary gift, children's books about prayer

Clothes: Nice dress pants or cords and dress shirt (white) and maybe a vest as well.



answers from Chicago on

I just recently had my 8 year old baptized and someone gave her a bath towel that had the initials CTR embroidered on it. It came with a poem about baptism and the importance and specialness of it. The initials stand for choose the right and the towel is to remind you each time you bathe that you are clean, renewed, and born again. It is such a nice gift that will keep the baptism fresh in her mind for years to come. The gift set came from an online boutique if you are interested.



answers from Chicago on

For clothes, you can do anything you feel comfortable with. When we just baptized our godchild (in a Lutheran church, during the Sunday service) there were people there who had their 1 month old in just a plain white onesy & another couple had their 2 year old in an all white (baptism) outfit. I believe it is whatever the parents & godparents feel comfortable doing. If you don't want to do all white, then I would agree with the other suggestion to at least have him in nice pants and a white shirt.

For gifts, you can still do bonds or anything to that nature. For our goddaughter, since she was only a few months old, we had a plate made with her birth information and also gave her a gold cross on a gold chain necklace, but since the child your baptizing is 3, you can do something like an engraved baptism item from Things Remembered, or a cross on a chain for when he gets older. You can also do a nice blanket (maybe even engraved with baptism info) or a precious moments item.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I think baptism gifts are for any age. you can give an engraved gift with his baptism date on it. I still have many of the gifts I was given for my baptism, first communion, etc. Just because he's no longer an infant doesn't mean that it won't be a special occasion. He'll probably appreciate the gifts more now than as an infant.

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