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Updated on October 08, 2010
G.R. asks from Miami, FL
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I was in the process of filing Bankruptcy 13 with my husband and he left me for another woman, I have not seen him in 2 months all he told me was that he will not file for a divorce becuase it was not necessary for him becuase his new girlfriend is also married. So how can I prove that he left and change everything to a single person BR 13 becuase I don't want to lose the little that I have for my child. If anyone can help me and tell me how to proceed I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

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answers from Honolulu on

He said 'he' will not file for divorce, but you can.
Document everything... everything.
Take photos of him at his girlfriend's... or hire an investigator....

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answers from Seattle on

If I were you, I would contact all of your creditors and explain your situation, and tell them you cannot pay them right now.

The most important things to pay are rent, and food, and transportation to work, if you have a job. As a single mom, (having been one) we have to go to survival mode. You can tell your creditors where your husband is, so they can go after him for the debt.

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answers from Tampa on

Your county probably has a well-qualified pro-bono service that will give you proper legal advice. The advice is free because you cannot afford to pay. I highly recommend seeking out their help. You usually call for an appointment, an attorney calls you at an arranged time, and you get the advice and whatever services you need.

If FL you have rights and your children have rights, and it is in the interest of the state that they protect your family.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

well, send him paper's for divorce regardless if it's necessary for him or not, and make him responsible for all the marital debt then you wont have to file bankruptcy except for on your stuff...get a recorder device for your phone and somehow get him to mention this other woman..that'll prove it.

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answers from Chicago on

I would file divorce papers first, and make sure you have abandonment in there. Then worry about any bankruptcy. I guy I went to HS had the opposite, she left him with 2 kids. Guess motherhood is too hard. She did not show to court and he was awarded custody, and the bills were placed on whomever held th ecard. he did not ahve to pay her cards or loans. This saved him from having to file and possibly lose their house. He worked things out with creditors and is doing well now.

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answers from Houston on

divorce him anyways and take the sob to court. consult an attorney or at the very least a financial consulting at your bank/credit union

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Divorce his a$$! And start getting child support yesterday! How rude.
Please seek financial counsel--maybe an adviser at your bank?
Maybe you can avoid the Ch 13?
Are you familiar with Dave Ramsay?


answers from Detroit on

Find a lawyer that will handle your Bankruptcy AND Divorce papers!


answers from Orlando on

You need to move quick - get an attorney NOW - you need to keep a journal of everything your husband says or does. Save voicemails, emails etc..

Keep your head up - you are a STRONG woman (it doesn't mean you don't need to cry or vent) but you can get through this!




answers from Tampa on

Locally we have 2 weekend talk shows where Attorney Joe Pippin answers questions for free, perhaps you can get via internet. I think it is [email protected] Try that.
And get a divorce- marriage is a legal contract, and you don't want that idiot coming back at any time taking whatever you have accomplished in the future. best, k



answers from Miami on

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. But first you must contact your attorney and tell her what has transpired. Then you need to take your husbands name off your bank accounts or take your money out and open a new individual account. The same goes for credit cards.
Your attorney will tell you the next steps to take. It will be ok!


answers from Washington DC on


I'm not sure what advice you want - how to move on without your husband or advice on your bankruptcy - so I will give both.

Husband first:

Divorce him NOW!!

Don't let him slide on this - he wants his cake and to eat it too!! It's like he wants to see what's gonna happen with this "new grass" (going on the adage that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence).

Do not dwell on your soon-to-be-ex - he will come to the point where he realizes this other woman isn't all that an a bag of chips. DO NOT PINE FOR HIM! MOVE ON!!! He's not good enough for you if he's leaving you for another woman - who is still married as well....DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK!!! He will do the same thing again and again....don't waste your time on him.


1. If you are filing for bankruptcy via a lawyer (which always the wisest thing to do) inform your lawyer of the pending divorce and see what assets can be divided and NOT added to your bankruptcy.

2. If you are too far along in the process to break away - continue on the path and STILL divorce him.

3. For the future - ensure you do not live above your means - use CASH ONLY - even after your bankruptcy is discharged you will get a BOATLOAD of credit card offers - DO NOT BE TEMPTED!!! Yes, cash only is HARD but nothing in life is ever easy. The peace of mind you get by knowing exactly what will be in the mail for bills (cell phone, water, electric, gas, etc.) instead of a surprise credit card bill (did I really spend that much?!!!) is MUCH better than pulling out the credit card - trust me!! I can't tell you how hard it was going cash only - but now when I pull out my debit card, I ask myself "do I NEED this or WANT this?" if it's "want" and that means something I need won't be bought - chose your priorities - instant gratification or long term financial security.

4. When you get your paycheck - divide it out - give yourself "play money" it makes budgeting and living "cash only" better - let yourself splurge on something - new shoes, a movie, a night out with the girls - etc. - because if you don't do something for yourself you will go insane.

This is good for your child as well - teaching a child at an early age financial responsibility it VERY important.

5. Use coupons on groceries. If you can shop on-line - DO! It saves you a TON OF MONEY on impulse buying. Make a menu for the week or two weeks and shop on that - there are stores that delivery your food and stores where you pick it up. You CAN use coupons for these trips - no, they won't be applied right then - but I can tell you this - last year - my Thanksgiving meal was only $19.10 because of the coupons from the previous order. Give it a try.

Please feel free to inbox me privately.

best of luck!

God Bless!