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Updated on October 01, 2011
N.0. asks from Mobile, AL
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So with the new charges from the bank will you keep or close your accounts? Just wondering. I just got a letter in the mail this week about the charges. We use Regions. We will be charged to use the debit card and if your account is below a certain amount there is a charge and if we don't have at least 2 DIRECT deposits adding up to $1000 there is another fee. I am currently looking for a new bank!

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answers from Phoenix on

I closed mine. I am sick of being "nickel and dimed" by these banks that treat their customers like this. Lucky for me, I have other choices and I am using them!

Bye bye Wells Fargo. Bye bye BofA and Good Riddance!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I didn't know there were any bank charge changes coming. Guess I missed the news....

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answers from Chicago on

I never bank at national chain banks. I prefer small, community-based banks or credit unions. Neither my banks nor my credit union have announced any intentions to start charging swipe fees for my debit card purchases (I rarely use my debit card anyways--I use credit cards.)

If I did have an account at BofAmerica, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Chase, etc, I'd be closing it.

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answers from Phoenix on

Well we have an account with BofA and we are looking for another bank so we can close our accounts. We have been with our bank for 15 years but after all these fees we are fed up and enough is enough.

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answers from Washington DC on

If I don't have completely free checking, I move my money. Our bank has been great. We are at a credit union. No fees. No limits. No issues.
I have the children's accounts at a completely free bank. There are no limits, no issues, and no problems. They use their debit cards for everything without fees.
Any bank that charges you to get at your own money doesn't need your money in their bank.



answers from Phoenix on

The nerve of them to charge you for using your own money. They should be paying you for having your money. I'm sure someone will come up with a better alternative soon. Banks are out of control.


answers from Jacksonville on

We are members of a credit union, and don't have to worry too much about them implementing something like that. If they did, well, I'd just stop using the debit card like I do now, lol. I've already cut way back and gone to spending mostly cash--I just make a couple of lump sum withdrawals a couple times per month and use the cash for groceries, etc. We get 10 withdrawals/transfers per month at no charge. Currently, the debit purchases have no limit and no charge accompanying them.


answers from Houston on

I have Chase...their atm's are free. they dont charge for debit cards..they reward me for my money with points that are actually valuable. any checks under 800 dollars can be sent through an iphone with a pic from home for deposit..and dont overdraft if you say "no" to overdraft protection.

I think ill stick with them........unless they start screwing up too. far as ive seen and read its just bank of america charging for debit services.....5 $ a month....and wells fargo charging 3.50 per atm transaction. These aren't the biggest of charges but they are an insult. Youd think Bof A would have saved enough money by laying off 50% of their employees last month(the record this year for any company). I guess not.



answers from Orlando on

We have Suntrust and we just got a letter saying we would be charged if we don't have enough money in the bank (under $25,000 in combined checking/savings) well we don't have that so we are switching to a credit union. Charging me $60 a year isn't going to help me get up to your limit. I don't understand it.


answers from Medford on

Ive never used a debit card, or ATM. My daughter uses the same bank my husband and I use, and shes always complaining about fees for use. Her statement comes and theres a fee. Ours has never had a fee. I write her a check and they charge her a fee to cash it. I cash other people's checks all the time and have never had a fee. She needed a money order and they told her it would be $3 so she went to a local grocery store that charges 25cents for a money order. I get my money orders at the bank for free. I hear about some banks charging for so many things and I dont see it at my bank. I do wonder if its because we have been with them for many years, or we keep enough money in the bank, or have never been overdrawn or late with payments. I dont know, but it sure would tick me off to be charged all the fees I hear others have.



answers from Detroit on

We will be moving our accounts out of BofA. This really makes me mad tht they are doing this. It's nice of them to give us a heads up before they stick it to us. I hope they lose alot of customers because by doing this...BofA, two words for you: you suck!


answers from Washington DC on

I'm trying to get my husband to leave BofA..but it's hard with everything - mortgage, gas, electric, water...all coming out if it. $5 to use a debit card!! well, we are a cash only family!!! DOH!!!




answers from Chicago on

I will never bank anywhere that isn't free.

AND - banks ALREADY charge the STORE a transaction fee of between 0.25-3.00% of the purchase price to use credit/debit, depending on how much volume the store does each year, so BofA is double dipping. Makes me sick. I can't stand the banks and the millions of fees they charge for stupid stuff and then their execs make gazillions of dollars.

Once again - the middle class gets screwed. Rich people who have millions of dollars get free checking. Someone who lives paycheck to paycheck has to pay fees on top of fees to use their bank.

It's especially disgusting because we're in a recession. Like we need this ON TOP OF taking paycuts at work or being laid off or having unemployment run out. NOW I have to pay $5 a month just to use my debit card? YUCK.

I think EVERYONE should close their account at BofA. All this weekend. Teach them a lesson. I would laugh for weeks if that happened.


answers from Redding on

I use BofA and will switch if they are gonna start charging. It's ridiculous. They already charge the merchant for allowing us to use a debit card and now they want to charge us as well. I'm wondering if you use your debit card as a credit card instead, do they still charge the fee?

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