Balance Problem

Updated on September 21, 2009
M.C. asks from Perkasie, PA
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My daughter started walking around 12 months old. She is about 14 months old now but she seems be falling alot lately. She often has her fingers in her ears, but she does not have fever. I am wondering if she has balance problem. What do you think the problem may be? Should she see a Neurologist or ENT doctor?
Many thanks to your help!

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answers from Johnstown on

I'd still take her to the pediatrician. Just because there is no fever present doesn't mean she may not have an inner ear infection.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

she might have an ear infection, my daughter did that several times, didnt have a fever but kept falling down and running into walls and that is what it was, you may want to take her to the drs to rule that out.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi M.,

Sometimes when they first start walking they are more careful but as they build confidance they take more chances.And with that and the short legs they do fall more often
If however you notice her falling if she is just walking slow or standing then def. take her to the Pediatrician.
Also sometimes they put their fingers in their ear, or mouth alot during that age.

When my son was 8 months he keptswinging his head from siide to side , every couple of days for around 1 month. I was convinced he had nuerological problems. or an ear invection. It was neither .
If you think it is ear then take her right away ,otherwise give it alittle time to see if her body catches up to her confidance.

Good luck, L.



answers from Philadelphia on

she could have an ear infection. take her to the pediatrician.



answers from Lancaster on

Check for ear infections. My first son was a mess with not sleeping when he had ear infections so I usually knew. my second one you could barely tell and they don't always have fever with them. Sometimes he would just sleep really restlessly. I would go for a well check and he'd have double ear infections!

good luck


answers from Scranton on

Hi M.,

Have you talked to her pediatrician? I know I get VERY dizzy when my ears are filled with fluid. Has she had issues with her ears? I do, as does my 3 year old son. Sometimes he'll have an ear infection and no fever, we find out purely by chance, because he's in for a check-up. It doesn't hurt to have her checked out, right?




answers from Philadelphia on


I think you should first see your daughter's pediatrician. Balance trouble and ear touching could be a lot of things. For example, allergies could be affecting her inner hear and causing balance problems and ear discomfort. On the other hand, she could have true neuro-based vertigo and severe headaches.

The key is to go to the pediatrician and DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER until you are completely satisfied. The best thing to do is bring notes on exactly what symptoms you've seen and how long they've lasted. Thing about not just what you have seen, but what you haven't seen - is she eating less, sleeping more, digestive troubles, behavior changes, etc. With going to the pediatrician, the idea is that you don't know which organ system is causing it or what needs to be checked out, so don't go picking specialists out of a hat until you have the pediatrician's recommendation. If the first pediatrician is unhelpful, see another pediatrician.

I had a very, very sick baby who had no symptoms at all, and a very caring pediatrician got us to the right specialist with just 1 visit. So while I bet your daughter is JUST FINE, please remember to be her advocate and speak up for her.

Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I would take her to the Doctor to get that check out.
She could have an ear infection. When my children have their finger in their ear if noramlly an ear infection.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi M.! Just a thought...have you thought of bringing her to a Chiropractor....def someone you may know already who can refer. I wouldn't just pick anyone out of the book. The one I used to work for when I lived in that area was excellent with children. She helped so many people and esp a woman who had issues with dizziness. You never know what could be going on. I wish you lots of luck in whatever you decide!

Take care,



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi M..

I agree with most of the posts -- start with the pediatrician to determine if there is an ear infection. A fever, or lack thereof, is not a determining factor in whether an infection is present. My son would fall or lose balance often. Even after getting a snide remark from the nurse at the pediatrician's office that my son, I insisted that he be seen by the doctor. Sure enough -- ear infection. Another symptom of an ear infection for my son is not wanting to eat because his stomach hurt. Not classic ear infection symptoms but, nonetheless, it was true.

If the pediatrician doesn't find anything, go to an ENT. Balance problems are, more often than not, ear issues. Keep paying attention to when your daughter is most "clumsy" -- when she's tired, just awakening, after eating, etc.

Good luck to you.



answers from Tallahassee on

I would check with your pediatrician first. If he/she can't find a reason, see an ENT. First guess would be fluid in the ears or similar ear issue. Ear infections are very common and would definitely make you off balance.

If nothing pans out with ENT, see a neurologist. The only reason I mention it is a close friend had a 2yo daughter who also had balance problems and the neuro found the issue which was rectified. However, I would check with the others first. Note on her daughter: she had speech problems and other coordination problems too which are now fully resolved.

She could also just be moving too fast on those little legs, but it doesn't hurt to check it out more thoroughly.

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