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Updated on April 15, 2016
K.D. asks from Lake Zurich, IL
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Hi moms,

I am thinking of purchasing a balance bike (bike with no pedals) for my 3 year old daughter. Are there any brands you like or don't like. What about a wooden bike vs. a metal one, brakes vs no brakes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you!

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answers from Chicago on

Do these really work?? I always thought pedaling helped them get their balance? If they learn without pedaling, once on a real bike does pedaling come easily or are they relearning anyway?
I have just always wondered about this. I really have no idea :)
We have always used the smallest little bike for the kids to learn on. We call it "the clown bike"! :) The have learned in the basement on carpet or in the grass. Who knows...maybe we should of used a balance bike?!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You can just remove the pedals from her bike.

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answers from Tulsa on

Omg best thing ever that I got my son for his 3rd birthday last year!!! We got a priceyone, paid 250 for it but man was it worth it! We got a metal one I think it's actually alluminum, it's called a mountain jumper don't know the brand tho, think it might be the like a bike jumper it's lime green hisfavorite color. Doesn't have brakes but don't really needthem when they are just going at their own speed, really, cause they are pushing. He cruises now but also has a regular bike too so his lil sister is started to get interested in his balance bike.



answers from Chicago on

I bought my son a 10" bike and took the pedals and training wheels off. I made sure the seat was down low enough that he could put his feet flat on the ground. We would take walks and he would coast along. After about a week I said "now you have the hang of keeping the bike up, let's try putting the pedals on." I put them on, and he just took off riding and never looked back. It's just muscle memory and once they can balance, they can ride. My son was just 4. To me, even giving a kid a bike with training wheels sets you back. I don't see the need to buy a special expensive balance bike when a regular bike without the training wheels and pedals does the same thing. Plus, you don't have to transition from the balance bike to the regular bike- with this method they just keep riding the same bike they learned to keep the bike upright with!


answers from St. Louis on

Honestly I don't see the reasoning for these? Does it just teach them to balance? I'd prefer a bike with training wheels so my daughter can get somewhere on her bike. Just my .02!



answers from Chicago on

mamabargains often has wooden ones for under $60, but you have to check out the site a few times each day (or follow them on Twitter). They offer one item at a time until it's gone, so sometimes deals only last a few hours.


answers from Macon on

I know the OP was posted a while ago (time flies!), but just in case anyone might want to read another opinion, I'll say balance bikes (or running bikes, even push bikes) do work very well for some kids. They aren't that expensive, and eliminate the need to even buy a trike/tricycle, because a kid could skip that step, and jump to a balance bike really early.

Some balance bikes can be transformed from trikes to bb, etc. Even when kids start pedalling, they might use both pedal and balance bikes at the same stage, but for different purposes (i.e. for bumpier trails, they may feel safer with a bb, as opposed to riding a pb).

Yes, removing the pedal crank of a bike is a great option to save some money, but always not forgetting safety, as kids must be able to plant their feet on the ground while seating. Smaller kids may find it difficult even on the smallest of the pedal bikes.

Another option would be to buy a 2nd hand balance bike.
Every kid is and learns differently. If in doubt, head over to your local bike store and let them try a couple of balance bikes!



answers from Chicago on

I would remove the pedals off a real bike so you can continue to use it in the future. We got a balance bike for my son a few years back and he used it maybe twice - a real waste of money. It is sitting in my garage unused - can't wait to sell it in a garage sale.



answers from Huntsville on

We couldn't afford to buy a "real" balance bike (and then buy another bike later). So we just bought a 10" bike & left the training wheels & pedals off! My daughter doesn't ride it a lot yet, she still prefers her trike. Hoping she'll learn more this summer.

For anyone reading that doesn't understand the purpose of a balance bike, it is a better way to teach kids to balance than to rely on training wheels. Young kids don't pay any attention to the training wheels & their balancing. They rely on the training wheels just like they rely on the three wheels of a tricycle. Then, when you remove the training wheels, they are thrown into having to learn to balance while also pedaling.

With the balance bike they are able to place both feet flat on the ground if they feel they are falling. They will slowly work themselves to being able to lift both feet off the ground & glide. Much better than falling over!



answers from Sacramento on

I got one for my son and it has been the best purchase I ever made for him. Training wheels do not teach balance. They actually teach counterbalance. My son has the strider bike. I recommend it over the wood versions because the tires are pneumatic so you never have to put air in them and they can take a beating. Also, some of the wood bikes don't have a place for the kids to put their feet when they start to glide. It was really fun to watch my son go from learning how to balance to walking to running and finally gliding on this bike. And they do learn to pick up speed. Message me personally if you'd like to see videos. I actually got my son his bike when he turned 2 and he is almost 3 now. You can get them in many bike stores and I think the website is I got ours in a bike shop.

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