Bad Wound on My 2Yr Olds Thumb..........

Updated on May 20, 2012
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
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my son at daycare got his thumb caught in a toy and when he pulled it out it cause the skin right next to the nail and over to pull backwards. it didnt fall off yet however there is a nice chunk of skin (almost the whole side of his thumb from his nail voer) that wants to come off. its pretty red. iv been pouring peroxide and iodine over it. it happened last week and doesnt seem like its healing yet. should i let it go or take him to the drs. im trying to keep as clean as possible but its not that easy he is 2.
any suggestions please

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answers from Missoula on

NO MORE PEROXIDE! It's a good disinfectant, but it actually slows down the healing process. I'm with Victoria... Put some triple antibiotic (Love that stuff!) and a band-aid on it, and leave it alone. When it's healed enough to keep germs out on it's own, and not so sensitive any more, take the band-aid off and let it heal in the air.

If you have to, buy a small latex glove, cut off the pinky finger, and tape that over the bandage to keep him from picking at it, and to help keep it clean.

The doctor won't really do much more than that unless it needs stitches.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Stop with the peroxide and iodine. They will disinfect, but do nothing to aid in healing. Peroxide directly on the skin like that can actually be damaging, especially if you do it over and over and over and over...

Put a triple antibiotic ointment on it and bandage it and leave it alone. Don't pull the skin back to "see" how it's doing. Bandage it (not too tightly... it can cut of circulation if you bandaid it too tightly... which is easy to do on a small child's finger) and leave it alone. Change the bandage out daily or so...depending on how often it gets dirty or wet.
If there is 'flesh' that was torn off and not just skin, take him to the doctor.

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answers from Charlotte on

Did you take him to the doctor? It sounds like he needed stitches.

If this happened yesterday or the day before (you don't have daycare on Sunday, right?) call the ped tomorrow and talk about it. After so many hours, they can't sew it up until another set period of time goes by (because of the chance of infection, I believe.) But after that, you could have a plastic surgeon do the work. At least that way your child won't have a big scar.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

IMO - doctor's visit. Maybe they can trim the skin, and show you how to bandage it better while it heals.

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answers from Los Angeles on

i would put neosporne on it and i would put a new dressing on it morning and night. if you dont see improvement in a few days like this go to his dr there may be an infection.
my daughter got a nasty rope burn on her leg while we were camping in the middle of nowhere (in a tent!). thankfully i keep our safety medical kit stocked and i was able to keep it clean and mostly dry (well when she wasnt in the dirt and river lol). just do your best. but i would stop the paroxide and iodine becuase it will dry it out and cause irritation.

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answers from Phoenix on

If it's as severe as you say it is, I would paying the doctor a visit.


answers from Milwaukee on

I think maybe the doc will do what you are doing. Do you have a good bandage on it that he can't get off? I would make sure it's wrapped really good and if you don't see any improvement in a couple days maybe they need to remove the flap of skin.

I am no doc or nurse though :)



answers from San Francisco on

I would keep it clean, put on some neosporine and cover with a band aid. It sounds like an infection, but should show signs of healing soon. If it does not, wouldn't hurt to give the doc a call and see what they recommend before the expense of a non-scheduled visit.


answers from Los Angeles on

Peroxide hinders our own antibodies to heal stuff. It's good for killing germs when the wound first happens, but after the fact an antibiotic cream is best for healing... like neosporine.
You might want to take him in since it's been awhile and you arent seeing improvement.

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