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Updated on March 02, 2008
B. asks from Madison, MS
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So ladies, I just got laid off after 7yrs with a high tech software company (great job, good money, good benefits). While I'm not in a position to stay out of work for too long, I'm thinking I can stretch out over the summer at least. So here's my questions - should I pull my son out of daycare for such a short period, knowing that I'll have to job search/interview during the next 2 1/2 months? If I do, what kinds of things do you great SAHM's do to not go insane? I'd like to do a lot of one on one things with him that normally I don't get to do.
I'm just sick in some ways about losing my job, but in others I hope this will give me an opportunity to find something I love even more.

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So What Happened?

Well - I've decided to leave Mark in school for the time being. I take him late, pick him up early and we play hooky once a week. I get my fill of being a mommy, and still can focus on avg 6 hrs a day to job search and organizing this house. I had no idea the things my husband and child were hiding in every crook and crevice. Ok they learned it from me, but still . . . Anyway, staying busy and yet still enjoying the summer. Thank you all so much.

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I am a stay at home mom and I work out of my house. I wouldn't say I am not insane but my kids keep me busy. We play out side and games, we do crafts and things. I hope you can have him at home with you some during this time. Sorry you lost your job. If you are going to be interviewing and searching for a job you might check with your daycare and see if you can pay by use for the summer. That way if you had to use them you could. Let them know what is going on. They may not work with you but they might. Keep us posted.



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B., So sorry to hear about your job.
I have an idea for you. I sell Arbonne. I work it on the internet, I meet people one on one, I host get togethers with friends in starbucks or penera break or restaurants or someone's house. I meet people in the park with my child, at church, at the dr office, even at the grocery, and Mcdonald's. The first thing is to become a district manager with a certain amount of volume - that would get you a paycheck of about $1500 to $2000 / month at least (clear... after taxes) Then you go up the ladder and when you get a little more volume Arbonne gives you a company car for all your hard work ( a mercedes of your choice). You do recruiting and build you a team and that is included in your group volume - so getting to the mercedes is not as hard as you may think. The girl that got me involved is not making close to $20,000/ month so I know it can be done. That is what I am working toward.
Think about it and if you are off all summer anyway, you have time to build a good paycheck before you have to go back to work. And when you succeed, you won't have to worry about driving in traffic, punching a time clock, waking up early or setting an alarm, and you will have the money to do whatever you want to do and you will be able to do it with your family and spend time with your child.
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I've got the perfect JOB for you while at home and I have a real money making way to prepare for early retirement. I do this myself and feeling really great about it. I am with the two lead companies in their fields and the training and support is unparalleled. If you are interested in this, contact me at 877-736-7630 ###-###-####. I am always available except between the hours of 11:00am and 4:00pm CST. During that time, I am working my JOB and unavailable. Of course, you can always send me a message at [email protected]

I do agree with the others, if you can afford it, keep him in school at least a few hours a day. I think that it's good for him to interact with the other children and begin learning those community skills before school starts.

Best wishes,



answers from Knoxville on

I am a SAHM now to two children, but wasn't always. I worked full-time outside of the home until my son was 13-months-old. I've been a SAHM now since March 2006 -- now to my son who turned two in February and my daughter who is 5-months-old.

I love being able to stay home with my little ones, but it is a VERY busy job! ;) They keep me hopping throughout the day, and we try to get out and do lots of things (to keep me sane and them entertained)! That can sometimes be more trouble than it's worth with two, but you'll be able to enjoy a lot with your two-year-old this summer! ;)

We are involved in some playgroups so my son can enjoy time with friends his own age (and I can enjoy the company of other adults, too). We have been to storytimes offered by our local library, free Kindermusik classes, and are planning to check out the free movies offered at the theaters here this summer. We go to parks, to the fountains (there are several in our area for kids to play in), and the zoo.

Look in your local paper, on Web sites and ask friends about things to do in your area. It took me a while to learn about things to do in our area after I started being a SAHM. I hate you lost your job, but I hope you enjoy the time you have this summer with your son! Have fun!



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Sorry to hear you lost your job, but congrats for being able to be home for the summer!

I have never had the opportunity to be a SAHM, so I don't know what they do :) But I just wanted to suggest that before taking your son out of daycare, make sure you will be able to put him back in soon if you do find another job. I know with our daycare we had to wait 3 months, and that was probably one of the shortest times people have had to wait for this place! It is an Army facility on post, so I guess that is why. Just make sure he has somewhere to go back to when you are ready for him to :)



answers from Birmingham on

I agree with the other post that you should check to see if your son could go to day care part time during the summer. I know that I would not be able to stay at home and not be with my son, but if you're going to have to be looking for a job throughout this time, you need to know that you have a dependable source of child care when you do have to go on interviews. I would suggest looking around in your community to see what activities they have available through out the summer for children. Our local movie theatre has free childrens movies once a week, our library also has many different activities going on through out the summer. I know that if I could be a SAHM, I would want to spend time taking my son places that I would not ordinarily get the opportunity to take him. Find out if there is a public pool in your area. One of my favorite week end activites with my son is taking him to the pool. Relaxing for me, a blast for him!! There are sooo many things you could spend this time with him doing. Just being able to watch him play outside through out the week would be a blessing to me!! Sorry that you lost your job, but I'll keep it in prayer that this turns out to be a good thing for you and your son:)



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Hi, B.,

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H. L

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