Bad Dog - Diapers Are Not Food!

Updated on November 23, 2011
L.S. asks from Omaha, NE
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Hi Moms. Our yellow lab just treated himself to my 1-month old's dirty diapers. They're in a small bin next to the pack n play, which is emptied every day. I hadn't had a chance to grab it yet this morning, and I just walked in to discover shredded and half-eaten dirty diapers all over my bedroom floor! Bad dog! Yes, I'm very annoyed that he ate these diapers (and yes, I will be breaking out the diaper genie pronto), but now I'm worried that the dog will be sick. Most of the diapers in the bin were poopy, and what I have to clean up doesn't look very poopy - so I'm guessing he ate what was in the diapers, as disgusting as it sounds. Has anyone experienced this with their dog? Did he/she get sick? Anyone know what about dirty diapers is appealing to a dog? GROSS!

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answers from Appleton on

I have had nearly the exact same thing happen but my dog is much smaller, she is a jack russell terrier. All I can say is expect sudden needs to go number 2 and that it will consist of the "Gel" mess from the diapers. My dog did not become ill or anything but took frequent bathrrom breaks. Hopefully that is helpful.

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answers from Los Angeles on

He won't get sick. It's gross, but he won't. And it's quite common for dogs to eat poop. Ours has been known to eat possum poop, cat poop, etc. Sometimes he'll rub his cheeks in it if he finds some possum poop in the yard. Blech.

Added: I don't know about the diaper bits, though. He could throw those up.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It may be poop to us, but it was obviously filet mignon to your dog! Eeeewwweeee!
My dogs have eaten deer & rabbit poop with no ill effects.

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answers from New York on

Yup. Love my dogs but our dachsund mix LOVES LOVES LOVES the following revolting things:
1. dirty diapers. The poopier the better.
2. snotty tissues. The boogier, the better.
3. crayons. No clue what's up with this, she absolutely demolishes these. And sniffs around when the kids are coloring.

She has eaten more diapers than I care to think about. The gross diapery stuff comes out in her poop.

Let's see. What is appealing? I don't know, we'll have to ask our dogs! LOL!

Gross as it is, I have not seen any ill effects. The first time my little disgusto got her hands on poop was with our first child, 5 years ago. My mom was in the middle of changing the baby on her rug on the floor and had a used diaper open and there was a firm ball of poop in the diaper and when my mom turned around to roll the diaper up and throw it out - imagine her shock when it was an empty diaper! EEEWWW!!!
And yes we still love our little nasty dog.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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answers from St. Louis on

Yeah my dogs used to do it all the time. You will die if it rains before you poop scoop the back yard. After that gel has been pelted with rain it almost looks alien. :p

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answers from Chicago on

My dog just got another one yesterday. SOOOO disgusting!! It grosses me out so much that I am diligent about putting them in the dog proof kitchen trash can (which gets emptied as needed). But my husband often "forgets", and if he forgets he cleans up. She has gotten into more than I want to think about in my 9+ years of diapering my children. No ill effects other than my gagging and cleaning up. I think there are traces of undigested food, particularly meat, that is appealing to them. But that is just a guess. As far as I know she never eats her own though, for which I am thankful :)

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answers from Des Moines on

He'll be okay-- in the dog worl there are two types of poop-- poop you eat and poop you roll in. Now you know what kind the baby makes!

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answers from Jacksonville on

My dog has done that, they both have, hell they still do if my daughter strips out of her pull up and they get to it before I do.

He should be fine.

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answers from Dallas on

I dont know the answer to any of that - but do know that my lab treats himself to the poopy diaper buffet any chance he gets. So gross.

I tell myself its just his nurturing nature trying to clean up after his "boy."

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answers from San Diego on

Our Black Lab had eaten the poopy diapers a few times. Quite Gross!!!! But he never showed any ill effects and he lived to 18! If your lab is anything like my lab was, he'll be fine!

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answers from Minneapolis on

my dog did this a few times and never got sick. I noticed that it was mostly when the diaper had more " food chunks" GROSS in the poop. I have heard that once a dog eats poop/their poop that it is almost impossible to get them to stop so I was WAY on top of it.

So gross - esp. b/c I would then have to brush his teeth and wash all the fur on his face to get rid of the poop smell.

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