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Updated on March 05, 2008
L.S. asks from Rolling Fork, MS
14 answers

My husband left me with a horrible credit score. and debts unpaid sitting on my report. how as a low income single mother do i fix this? help!

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answers from Texarkana on

Have you tried to get onto WIC?
That could free up some money from foods to put on other bills.

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answers from Little Rock on

Take care of your daily needs, but if it's something the you need and your credit history won't let you then I would call a local credit consulting agency to her you get on track.



answers from Birmingham on

I would recommend reading books by Dave Ramsey and Todd Coontz. They have good advice that's helping me to get control of my debt too. Good luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

You could try Consumer Credit Counseling Service. They will contact all your creditors and make payment arrangements that you can afford. They will also help you check and improve your credit score periodically. Best of luck!



answers from Baton Rouge on

I'm no expert but I would suggest making regular payments on all debts. No matter how small the payments, as long they are regular it will show good faith effort. It will take time to fix your credit score but I think regular payments do help. Maybe contact those companies that are owed and let them know your situation and your intentions to make good on your debt. I work for a college and we tell students who are no longer enrolled to make regular payments no matter how small to keep their account from going to collection. Hope this helps.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I understand that you want a better credit score and you may need to buy things on credit...but you can survive just fine without fixing it...worry about what you can do...what you need to take care of the most is your family unit, your needs.
I racked up a bunch of debt then discovered I couldn't work because my son has a disability and the daycares kept kicking him out...I really didn't have any other choice and my credit is bad now but the creditors can't do much to you. Life goes on. Keep your chin up.



answers from Biloxi on

First take care of the four walls: food, shelter, transportation, utilities and worry about debts... pay what you can when you can...and see if they can work with you on getting caught has great advice



answers from Montgomery on

I would not go with a credit counseling agency as a first option. These can actually make things worse. I would call a local lender who you trust and ask them to pull your credit and give you advice. This should only cost you the fee of a pulled credit and may actually be offered free. Do you own a home? Who closed your loan? If you do not own a home then you might want to ask the lender what you would need to do to get approved for one. Also, if you are in divorce proceedings or considering divorce which it sounds like you need to...check out this site: and If you are not on WIC then you need to apply ASAP!



answers from Jackson on

Hi, I am just giving you some freindly advice that was give to me. Go to and get your credit report, then write to all three creditors desputing the bad items that are on your credit report and also ask them to remove anything over seven years. I used to work for Transunion. Some items may be on there in error. Because I know it is easy to do. All you do is type information on people credit report.




answers from Little Rock on

I am really sorry to hear that. Buy Jean Chatzky's book "Pay it Down". It will give you a step by step plan or you can go on the Dave Ramsey



answers from New Orleans on

L., I totally feel your pain. I, too, was in your exact position after my marriage ended. My ex-husband had no concept whatsoever of money mangement, and believed in living WAY above his means---which resulted in lots of credit card debt. I have one son, and receive no child support. HOWEVER -- there is a way out. I did it, and now have a credit score of 741! Unoftuntely, I did have to make many sacrifices to get there, and it was very hard. I won't lie to you and say it wasn't easy, because it was the hardest time I ever been through. There were many times I had to scape for change to put gas in the car. I went 3 years with no cell phone, no cable TV, and any other "incidentals" that really were not necessary, and ate lots of ramen noodles & cheap boxes of macaroni. During that time, I established just one good creditor. I had to purchase a new car after our divorce, and because of bad credit, got slammed with a horrible interest rate. But, I worked really hard (two jobs at the time)and paid my car note on time every month, and eventaully got to where I could pay a little extra which helped knock down the interest. Other debts, I struggled to make the minimum monthly payments, and sometimes couldn't do that. But, I paid off the car without one late payment. Then, it seemed as though creditors were harrassing me to TAKE their credit cards, instead of calling me for money. I finally received the card application I was waiting for -- low interest & no annual fee, AND 12 months no interest for balance transfers. I rolled over my highest interest credit card to the new card, and paid each month to it the same amount I was previously paying on my car note. Little by little, my debt disappeared and my credit score rose higher and higher. I had to do the balance rollover a couple of times, but as my credit score improved, so did the credit card offers. I am now completely debt free -- on my own without bankruptcy, and without credit counseling. YOU CAN DO IT! I just purchased my first home in December and we moved in on New Years Day. I promise you, there is hope! Two last pieces of advice that worked for me ---- I'm not sure what state you live in, but you might want to check into what childcare assistance programs they offer. That was a HUGE help for me -- because of my low income at the time, I easily qualified, and it covered the majority of the cost of daycare so I could work. AND, fight for your right to claim your children EVERY YEAR on your tax return. Get in in writing as part of your child custody agreement. You can file as head of household, get deductions for your child care expenses, and thus increase tax refunds. I hope this advice helps you -- Please keep in touch with your progress, and let me know if I can help you in anyway. POWER to the single moms of the world!!



answers from Oklahoma City on

i would suggest going to see a financial counselor. i think that the DHS office might have some connections with that. I'm a single mom too and was left in the same mess. they had a financial counselor at my job and i visited with them, they taught me alot about how to minimize down to what i really "needed" and "couldn't live without for the kiddos". check with your work, they might have someone that can help you with that. also you can try to talk to some of the billing companies and ask them if they can help you get your interest frozen so that you don't have to pay finance charges on top of your payments.



answers from Monroe on

File chapter seven bankruptcy you can get all of your bills paid and it is off your record in seven years.we went bankrupt (with chapter seven) and within 4 years have recently bought a very nice vehicle and a new home.its not as bad as a lot of people might tell you.get a consultation with an attorney and let him explain it to you.that would be the best thing to do to get the second chance you need.good luck.



answers from Little Rock on

Go to My hubby and I are currently on his program. There is tons of advice and useful documents. He is great.

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