Bad Cold and Pregnant!

Updated on August 21, 2008
L.A. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Has anyone had a severe cold while being pregnant? ...and lived thru it? haha. Ok. All joking aside. I need some encouragement. Somehow, I caught a summer cold. First is was just an irritating runny nose and watery eyes. I don't get allergies and my husband was just getting over his cold, so I knew that it was just a little cold. Well, it bloomed into death...or at least it feels like it! ....Severe sore throat, not too much coughing...because once I start coughing my gag reflux kicks in and I start to lose my food or what little I have left (I'm right at 13 weeks and still have baby sickness). I've been taking Robotussin DM, Benadryl and Tylenol, but GOSH do I feel bad for the little babe. Help! Tell me, I'll get thru this and my little babe will be fine too!

Thanks Moms!

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So What Happened?

Well moms...guess what? I made it thru! YAY! Gosh that was tough...probably one of the toughest trials I've been thru in my life. But, I am thankful for all the advice and encouragement. This sounds really bad, but it helped to hear that some had it worse than I did. I am thankful that my cold didn't turn into strep or pnemonia. You are some tough ladies! Anyway, I appreciate all the responses. THANK YOU!!!!

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I definitely feel for you! I had a cold while pregnant with each of my 3 children (now 5 YO, 2 YO and 10 MO) that lasted a month! I was definitely NOT happy! But, the kids are very happy, very active and in general, enjoy driving me nuts! LOL Try to get some rest, although with an almost 2-year-old, that can be very difficult! But yes... as many, many mothers will attest... you all will be fine!

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It really stinks to be sick and sick with pregnancy. I feel for you. I have to say, please stop all the o-t-c medications. They are full of alchohol and who knows what else that could be harmful to your baby who is at a very vulnerable stage right now. I know you just want to get better, and reaching out for support and ideas shows that you are wanting to do what is best for your baby as well.
However, meds just put a bandaid on your sickness. Will they help take away pain or help you sleep for a while. Yes. But it really isn't getting to the source of your sickness and helping you HEAL. You need to make sure you are getting some more protien. Preferably from beef. Even if it's just a good beef broth. The homemade kind, or at least a store bought one that is low sodium, no msg, and as natural as possilbe. Chicken soup is always good too. The protien really helps build up immunities and red blood cells. Whatever veggies and fruits you can handle. I know there are alot of herbs that have amazing healing properties in them. I'm not an expert in that, so can't recommend anything specific. Googling it will give you lots of info, or other moms out there might know. ALOT of water, and drink some warm milk, or chammomile tea to help relax you so you can sleep. Sleep is the main thing you need to help your body recover. I know it's not easy with a 20month old around. Is there someone who can come over and watch him while you nap?

Yes, you will be fine and get through this. Your baby will be fine. However, if you really want to take good care of yourself and your baby, it's always best to start healing yourself with the abundance of what our mother earth has to offer.

Much healing energy to you.

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I survived pneumonia last year when I was pregnant (talk about feeling like you are dying) you will survive this. And I'm a baby when I'm sick. I would definately go to the doctor though. You don't want your sore throat to turn into strep throat. It's going around, my son just had it a couple weeks ago. You can also try a humidifier/vaporizor in your room at night when you sleep. Take care.



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I had strep throat during my first trimester, which ended up being a harbinger of illness. I had cold after cold after cold. I was taking antibiotics (which was an ordeal in itself...I had to go to several doctors before getting someone who would actually prescribe one) I was taking Tylenol, Benedryl, vitamin C, and lived on Ricola throat drops.

Now, I've got a happy and healthy 2 yr old boy. You'll pull through. Hang in there!



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Hi L.-

While pregnant with my now 9 week old, I developed a cold that turned into a terrible illness. I went to the doc and got on an antibiotic. Yes, they really do prescribe those for pregnant women if deemed necessary. Have you gone to the doc yet? You might want to go just to make sure it's a simple cold and not something else. Make sure you are drinking fluids to stay hydrated. You will get through it, but I totally feel for you. Get your rest Mama.



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You poor thing!! Don't worry, you WILL get through this. And thankfully, if you have normal morning sickness, you're pretty much at the breaking point for that!!

Believe it or not, morning sickness is a sign of a well-established pregnancy and is a sign that your little one is doing GREAT. In a few weeks your morning sickness and your cold will be gone, and you will both be happy - but for right now your baby is having a great time and doing great!!




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Oh, I feel for you, L.!!! I just got over a HORRIBLE chest cold. I have a 21 month old, and I don't think I ever got a really bad cold with her, but with this baby (I'm 17 weeks along) and this cold, I was seriously CRAVING Nyquil!!! How horrible is that? Of course, I stayed away from it, and tried to make due on the stuff my doctor said was okay. I mostly just had to suffer through it, but I made it out okay, and I'm sure my baby - and yours! - will be just fine. Herbal tea and the Ricola lemon and honey cough drops were really helpful for me.
Hopefully by now you're feeling better - just realized you posted this 4 days ago. Best of luck to you. You'll survive!



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you should go to the doctor, I had a cold when I was pregnant and it turned out to be an infection that I needed medication for.

Also, last week I thought I had a cold but it turns out I have strep throat. Go to the doctor and let them evaluate you rather than self medicate...



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I have two words for you---otter pop. Otter pop popsicles are the best when you are nauseated and/or when your throat hurts. Actually any popsicle will work. Also, try sipping coke or sprite and eat crushed ice.

I had a cold when I was pregnant with my first son, I was about 7-8 months pregnant. I was always so nervous about taking anything while I was pregnant so I didn't just to be safe. I am out of the ordinary when it comes to taking medicine though, I do not take any meds unless it is life threatening. I however also have other issues that lead me not to; I have problems with my stomach so I am unable to take several medications and I have problems with my heart and when I take certain things it causes problems so I have learned that I actually feel better when I don't take anything. I rarely get sick and when I do, the illness have always gone away on there own.
I am sure you did this, but I would ask your doctor if it okay to take those medicantions while pregnant and then do some research yourself. I like to do research myself because what I have found is that different doctors have different opinions; which make it hard to trust just one doctors advice. Example: My friend had a client whose doctor prescribed her vicoden and perchecet her entire pregnancy because she said she had headaches---she took them every day for the 9 months. What doctor would prescribe a pregnant woman narcotics? But he did. So I do not alway trust doctors.
I love, the moms have always given great advice. I am sure you had lots of moms respond and give help too. Best of luck!