Bad Breath

Updated on December 11, 2006
T.K. asks from Duryea, PA
7 answers

My 19 month old daughter has HORRIBLE breath alot of the time. Has anyone else experienced this? I brush her teeth everyday and the only thing she eats is grilled cheese, hotdogs, and sometimes chicken. She drinks milk, a little juice, and water. Any ideas or maybe I am just overreacting! Thanks


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answers from Philadelphia on

My niece suffered from chronic bad breath from the time she was a baby. My sister took her to the dentist and everything checked out fine. She brushed her teeth and tongue several times a day but nothing helped. When my niece got older, she started complaining of stomach discomfort on a daily basis. She was still an okay eater and never brought anything up. My sister finally took her to a GI doctor, it turns out she has reflux. Once she started the medication, the bad breath went away.

I would check with your ped to see if he/she has any suggestions for a medical cause such as reflux. Good luck.



answers from Harrisburg on

I agree with B B....I was going to say reflux too........Good luck.You need anything you let us ladies know.



answers from Dover on

You might want to try brushing her tongue when she brushes her teeth. I've found that a lot of people think that just brushing their teeth gets rid of bad breath. The truth is if you brush your tongue regularly it should help with to freshen her breath. But if she continues to have bad breath I would take her to the dentist and find out if she has halitosis. Which halitosis is just a fancy name for bad breath.. I would seriously have her checked out.



answers from Allentown on

Try brushing her tongue. It also could be she is getting a cold too.



answers from Harrisburg on

It could be a cold or sinus infection...



answers from Philadelphia on

I understand what you mean about bad breath. I have a three year old, and sometimes her breath does smell bad in the morning. I brush her teeth twice a day. I even floss her teeth that's only because, she sees me do it. It could be the food she's eating. When my daughter eats hot dogs, her burps smell. You could also check with a Pediatric Dentist in your area to see what you can do.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Does she use a pacifier? My kids were both binky users and that gave them stinky breathe. If so get several binks and alternate them each day so the bacteria dries out and isn't so stinky. Also throw them in the dishwasher in one of those nipple baskets.
Hope this helps.

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