Bad Aunt Guilt and Older Kids Easter Baskets

Updated on March 22, 2013
L.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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ok, my kidsa re 10 and 8, dd just got a huge thing of sidewalk chalk in january, both kids have book fairs coming up and will be gettign new books, DH jumped the gun and took them to buy new baseball softball balls and gloves. Nana usually buys them a new DVD and honestly we never watch them

other than kites and video games can you thnk of anything for in the easter baskets this year??

Also I am the bad aunt, that never has gum in her purse, and is always sending holiday gifts a week late , SIL is the queen of getting great gifts. so can you help me think of something to send her 3 kdis for Easter.

13 yo boy, 10 you girl and 6 yo boy??? They don't eat much candy, and I don't want to spend $30 plus postage to mail stuff, so like $5 each??? IS That too cheap of me?? can you get anything good for $5??? tx

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So What Happened?

I know!!! RIGHt!! I'tts ridiculous. I just try not to make waves. The easter bunny ( and Santa) for that matter visit our house, THEN nana has to bring over a basket from her --i've always just told the kids here nana got you something even though it looks just like an easter basket. AND wonderful aunt mails them things too, those aren't a whole basket though. It seriously is ridiculous, but at this point the game has been going on FAR FAR too long to stop now, i suppose my sending it late was a passaive aggressive way of saying i don't want to play any more., but i can't handle the guilt,

. i think we are getting close with my oldest knowing there is no easter bunny :(

I will check out the SKip it taht sounds awesome and i ppreciate the other ideas i'll pick something for the newphes etc. the older ones wiould love the duct tape the younger one would wrap up the cat im' sure.

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answers from New York on

The big grand kids get small chocolate bunnies, no baskets from us. The babies get a little outfit for Spring. Nothing expensive. Holidays seem to be getting out of control.

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answers from Chicago on

What about patterned duct tape for your nieces and nephews? There are many boy colors and designs too. There are tutorials online to make stuff with it (if they haven't learned from friends already) that you could print and send.

Little lego sets are great ideas too for any of the kids. They usually have a few holiday mini sets for under $5.

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answers from Dover on

For your kids...swimsuits, flipflops, sunglasses, sunblock, water toys for the pool, etc for the basket.

For your niece and could get a gift card to somewhere close to them (like sponsoring a pizza and movie night for them collectively), or for each of them separately. That was you can spend more on the gift and less on the shipping. You could send them a care package with stuff they can/will need for the summer (like some of the items I listed above for your kids) but then shipping gets a bit more.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Whatever kind of aunt you are, we don't do gifts for nieces/nephews for Easter. We do Christmas and birthdays (up to a certain point) but not for Easter. The kids get an Easter Basket when they wake up. Grandparents don't even do that--that would be over-stepping in my book.

I know some grandparents who DO do this for their grandkids... they also do Christmas stockings for every grandkid... but in my house/family that is the "turf" of the parents alone.

For your own kids, things like books, sunglasses, fun socks, beach/pool towels, swim goggles, nail polish (if you have a girl), yo-yo's... these are all fun things that we have done for Easter Baskets.

If you are concerned about how you come off to your nieces and nephews then I would change more every day things, I wouldn't try to put all my eggs in one basket with the Easter Basket (pardon the pun).

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Lilly, It doesn't sound like you are a bad aunt, if you are thinking of your nieces and nephews and generously sending gifts!

For our Easter baskets, we usually do candy and 1 small gift. Here are the things we have done:
-art supplies (coloring book and crayons, or watercolor set, stickers, rubber stamps, etc)
-stuffed animal (Amazon has great prices, check out the Aurora brand stuffed animals. They are great quality and very cute. Run about $10 each. That is what we are doing this year)
-Springtime toys (jump rope, Skip It (they have a new skip-it out this year, like the old ones that have a counter on them!), basketball, nerf gun, squirt gun, or nerf football)
-sandals since spring is here

What about sending an Itunes gift card tucked into an Easter card for your niece and nephews? Or, do an Amazon order and have it shipped straight to them- if you order over $25.00 then the shipping is free.You could do lego sets, they have those Lego Friend sets that are geared toward girls.

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answers from Rochester on

My 8 year old got legos in her basket this year, and my almost 3 year old got a Daisy/Pluto figurine set. I'm fairly certain I didn't buy any candy. In previous years I have gotten other toys, games, activity books, fun shirts that I wouldn't normally buy (Mario, dinosaurs, etc). Craft supplies are always great, too.

I don't know what boys or 10 year old girls like, sorry...;) maybe a gift card?

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answers from Tyler on

This is why I'm so grateful our family never started the easter basket gifts! My daughters have friends who are showered with expensive gifts like it is Christmas all over again, crazy stuff.

But, since your into the gift exchange for this holiday, my suggestion would be to visit your local christian retail store and find a cute cross to hang in their room or a child friendly bible. Bring it back to the actual holiday we are celebrating. And a chocolate bunny, too :)

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I don't buy Easter presents for my niece and nephew. Only for my daughter. Nor would I expect my sister to buy Easter presents for my kid. We buy for each other's kids only for Yule/Xmas and birthdays.

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answers from Grand Forks on

My kids will get the same kind of stuff they get in their Xmas stockings. Shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste/tooth brush, chap stick and Lego minifigures. They will also get some KinderEggs, a new swimsuit, sunblock and new goggles.

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answers from Washington DC on

good heavens, girlie, what do you have to feel guilty about? you sound like a great aunt to me! i never send easter gifts to nieces and nephs, and i don't recall my kids ever getting any from their aunts and uncles either.
grandparents would usually cough up a big chocolate bunny or something.
kites, sidewalk chalk and books sound like a great basket. i'd usually put in some articles of clothing, they'd be ready for some new swimsuits or basketball shorts or fun t-shirts after winter. and i always stuck in seeds and gardening items although they rarely got used<G>.
my kids would have been THRILLED to get a packet of macdonalds gift certs or $5 gift cards to target.
:) khairete

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answers from Knoxville on

You get stuff for your SILs kids for Easter? The Easter bunny visits my kids as they are 4 but we grown ups know the Easter bunny is Mom/Dad. How would you explain that "Your Aunt got you something and the Easter bunny did too, but Mommy didnt"?
Of course at their age they way not believe, but I think it is still up to the parents to do this, not you.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm making cute little crocheted peeps for my nephews this year in team colors. Do you crochet? If so, I can send you the link to the free pattern. They work up quick (like less than an hour from beginning to end).



answers from Cleveland on

For Easter we try to stick to the spring swim appeal, sandals, little kid planter kits. I love the store "5 below" for little gifts. Everything in the store is less than $5. Last year we got my MIL a GIANT fly swatter for $3 from there. She is always chasing flies. They are her pet peeve. it is the gift that is still talked about.

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