Bactrim and Breastfeeding

Updated on December 14, 2007
M.L. asks from Plano, TX
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I have a lesion on my left arm and is badly infected. The doctor thinks I have MRSA and prescribed bactrim. She said it is safe for breastfeeding. My son is 10 weeks old and my OB doesn't think Bactrim is breastfeeding-compatible. I am so confused. Who should I listen to?

(I talked to my child's Pediatician last time I had mastitis. Given the history of my new born having a staph-infection which culture suggested is MRSA, he suggested Bactrim. But I ended up not having to take it since another safer antibiotics fixed the problem.)

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answers from College Station on

First off listen to your OB. A lot of non OB doctors prescribed medicine they think is safe when it is clearly not. Also I was prescribed Bactrim for a killer UTI when i was pregnant with my youngest. Before I ever even took it I called my OB who was in shock that a doctor prescribed this to be in my last trimester. After reading up on it I found that it is dangerous to take while in your last trimester due to brain developement in your baby. So i am almost postive its not safe while breastfeeding. Also if your doctor thinks you have MRSA has he/she sent you for any tests. Thats pretty dangerous stuff and you have not been tested i would do so right away.



answers from Nashville on

Hi! I just looked it up online and it said that "You should not take Bactrim if you are pregnant or nursing a baby." I would always go with what your OB says!!



answers from Dallas on

Bactrim or Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole is an L3 drug, that means it is (moderately safe) to take during nursing. I would see if my Dr could recommend something in the L2 or L! catagories, if I were you.



answers from Los Angeles on

I see you already received some good advice but thought I would add my 2 cents.
I am allergic to Bactrim so would NEVER take it or give it to my children. For your wound I suggest you go over to Sprouts and talk to the "know it all" person around the supplements area. I believe there is something called Grapefruit seed oil you can use on your wound. Big time natural antiseptic. Also, see a dermatologist because they could suggest an antibiotic ointment like MUPIROCIN...this always works on my son's more severe eczema sores. His pedi prescribed an antibiotic for the sores but the derma always says to check with him first.

Good luck! I hope you heal fast!



answers from Wichita Falls on

That's from the National Institute of Health - if your full term baby has no other problems, it's considered pretty safe.

MRSA isn't something to fool around with - and at the same time, formula doesn't match the breast.




answers from Dallas on

I would go with my OB because your doc thinks you have MRSA and should KNOW...I would call my pharmacist as well. The pharmacist will also be able to suggest something as well.

I believe I would get a second opinion from another doctor. I am never comfortable when a doctore just says "I think" and doesn't try to figure it out. I prefer Internal Medicine doctors for that reason.

I would wash my hands again and again, because you don't want your baby to get this infection.

Good luck...



answers from Dallas on

Call your pediatrician and ask him or her. I had a similar issue and let the pedi be the tie breaker. They should be the specialists on what affects your child's health and development. Not all OBs know so much about breastfeeding and of course not all GPs know much about it either.

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