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Updated on June 05, 2013
S.Z. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi moms,

I found a in-home baby care facility and want to run a check on the sitter. What information do I need to obtain from her, and how do I run her background check? I am sure if I google background check, I will get millions of result, but want to find something more reliable.


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answers from Dallas on

You will need her name, address, social security #, drivers license #.
You can contact any Private Investigator, who would be able to do a background check on her for probably around $100 or so.
In my law practice, I use a P.I. named Alan Davis, his contact info is: [email protected]

Good luck!


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answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

There is a form through the state. Email me at [email protected] and I can send to you. We use it for our preschool teachers and parents. You will need SS # and some other information and there is also a fee. Good for you in being diligent!



answers from Chicago on

If you have go with a licensed D. they have a background check on file with the licensing agency. You can call the agency for that info.



answers from Dallas on

S., is she a register daycare provider? If so the state does a yearly check.. I'm a register home-day care provider..



answers from San Antonio on

Anytime I have a new nanny, worker, or anyone new around my family, I run a background check on them. This site lets you run as many as you like and it is super cheap.

I was totally surprised to find a lot of information about me that I thought was private!!

The website had all public info info including addresses, phone numbers, and criminal records. It also had some private info that I did not think that anyone had.

If you decide to run the background check on yourself, go to

I sincerely hope that this helps you!!



answers from Dallas on

If you go to and click "search for child care", you can type in your zip code and it will give you a list of all registered and licensed providers in that area. I'm a licensed provider with the state, and I'm required to run a background check on everybody over the age of 14 who lives in my house or comes over frequently. She won't have been able to get registered with the state if she didn't pass hers.

That site will also tell you the results of her state inspections and whether she's ever had violations for anything. If she has, look and see why. It'll tell you. In four years of doing daycare, I've been written up a few times, but it's always for paperwork things, like a kid whose mom forgot to bring me a new shot record. They differentiate whether it's a paperwork violation or something to do with the safety and health of the kids.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

If she is legal with the State of Texas, Department of Family and Protective Services, then she has already been background checked by the state. That is the only provider that you should consider is one listed on their website. Good Luck!



answers from New York on

Finger Prints.It may cost a few dollars but it's worth it. Or the info that she gives you find out if she has done this type of work before and get references from her preious jobs. Let her give you the phone numbers of at least 3 former jobs she worked as a child care provider. Good Luck!!!

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