Back Going Numb~ What Could This Be From?

Updated on April 07, 2011
L.S. asks from Princeton, TX
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I've had pretty bad back pain since I was preg with my daughter in 2009. While preg I thought it was just normal and remember thinking I can't wait to have her so this pain will stop. After having her it didn't get any better. Every morning since then I can barely get out of bed in the mornings bc of the pain. When I do get up I have to move around a lot to get it feeling better. If I stand for too long or fold laundry it becomes severe. I can't lay on my back at all. It seems to relieve some of the pain I have to lean over a counter or table and relax my stomach muscles. For the last 6 months or so the pain will get bad then it will get tingly and go numb and then it feels like an ice pack is on my back. It's actually numb to the touch too. Normally when it hurts my hubby can rub it for a while and the pain lessens but when it's numb I can't feel him touching my back. Ive been to dr's and they give me muscle relaxers which have no effect on my back. Ive taken valium for it and that helps relieve the pain but obviously won't fix the problem. Ive seen a chiropractor for a few weeks and it helped a tiny bit but not much. I had to quit seeing him bc I can't afford visits 3 times a week, which is was he said I needed. Could this be from my epidural? Could something have happened while I was preg with my daughter that messed something up in my body? I thought it could have been from the weight gain~ I gained 35 while preg with my son, never lost it, gained 30 while preg with my daughter. Im now back down to my weight pre-pregnancy but still have the pain.

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answers from Boston on

I agree it might be a pinched nerve. I see a chiropractor monthly since my back is too straight and I get compressed in 2 areas - between the shoulder blades and at my waist. The pain can radiate in the weirdest directions, like my hip or lungs. See if your insurance covers chiropractic, and ask for others to recommend one (not all are equally good, just like doctors, some just want you to keep coming so they make as much money as possible, but mine truly cares for my well being and lets me decide when to come). It is very possible that due to the hormones that loosen the bones to let a baby pass through your pelvis, that other bones in your back also loosened and just never settled back into a pain free position. It is also possible that you have always been slightly out of kilter, but that with youth and flexibility you never noticed. A physical therapist found that my left leg is about 1/4" shorter than the right, which is also adding to the hip pain as well as foot pain, but never noticed it until this age (I am 50). So perhaps a physical therapy assessment is needed. That one did require a referral from my primary care. It is very possible that you do not have to live with this pain so make the time to find some answers.

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answers from Chicago on

I dealt with terrible back pain on and off for 17yrs. I saw a chiropractor for 2 years, a massage therapist for 2 yrs, went to a chinese Dr for accupuncture, nothing worked.

In January I thru my back out (again) & had a head cold too. But I was in terrible pain when I coughed & lost control/feeling of my legs & collapsed over the bathroom counter. The Dr (just like all the rest) told me that back pain is hard to heal & I have to learn to live with it. He did xrays, like they all did, but nothing showed up. I demanded an MRI, I wouldn't back down. I finally got an answer & the Dr was apologetic & surprised that I have a severe herniated disk. So he said I need to see a neurosurgeon for options & that appointment is next week.

My SIL had terrible pain in her right arm for about 4 months & they couldn't figure out why it was going numb. She finally had an MRI & ended up having a severer herniated disk in her neck. She needed surgery immediately but she was pregnant. They had to wait till she was 4 1/2 months pregnant and she couldn't take the type of pain meds she really needed. She was placed on bed rest & had severe nausea from the pregnancy & from being in so much pain. Imagine puking 10-20 times a day but can barely move. She finally just had the surgery 8 weeks ago & they had to put 2 plates in her neck & fuse her spine. She says she feels great now, but she lost out on enjoying her 1st pregnancy.

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answers from Honolulu on

See a Specialist. Get referred by your Primary Care Physician.

It sounds like a nerve issue.
Maybe pinched nerve etc. ?

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answers from Dallas on

Definitely from the epidural. I suffered nerve damage on my left side from my epidural having our 2nd child in 2009. My left side wouldn't grip, arm would be numb, pains in back etc.I was glad my chiropractor helped me because other doctors just said it was normal part of epidural for some and one doc told me it was in my head. When you can't feel on your leftside and trying to hold anything your hand and arm gives's a problem. Its been a long road to recovery but my chiropractor gave me a set of exercises to do, some extreme physical therapy and i'm doing much better. It took going there right after our child was born; twice a week for an entire year. Not 100% yet but almost there. I can now feel on that side, able to grip with 80% grip. I hope you find a great doc that can help you soon. i tell you what; an epidural has messed me up twice now; so when we have #3 some day; i'm going all natural.



answers from New York on

Yes, it could be from your epidural, long term back pain is a possible long term side effect that happens sometimes. See a doctor for it, though, to fnd out exactly what is causing the problem and if there's anything you can do to alleviate it.



answers from Tucson on

I had a similar problem in my back as well and chiropractic helped but I couldn't go afford to go as often as the chiropractor wanted. I switched to a DO and he gives me larger adjustments but they work so much better and the pain stays gone longer. It is also covered by my insurance.



answers from Chicago on

My husband hurt his back at work. He ended up having 2 separate surgeries and has permanent nerve damage because it took so long to correct the problem. His leg is partially numb due to the damage. He had a broken disc and then 2 herniated discs. He currently goes to a pain specialist and they are going to try injections to relax the muscle a bit to move it away from the nerve to see if it relieves some of his pain so he can get off medication. Since you have seen doctors and no one has helped you, I would suggest seeing a neurosurgeon as someone else mentioned. Surgery is not always needed so you may not need to go that route but they specialize in that area and know more indepth about the nerves and all that so might be able to give better insight and suggest things to do. My husband had MRIs and they did show some but he also had these special xrays or tests that showed his spine so clearly it was like you were looking at a skeleton. That is where they found that the bones were touching and compressing on the nerves. Not saying you would need that but if you have had things done--tests and meds-and nothing is helping, then you need to move up to the next level. I know how horrible my husband has it sometimes when his leg just goes totally numb and his back is causing a lot of pain. We have learned a LOT about the back and spine and those discs we take for granted.