Babysitting Rates? - McKinney,TX

Updated on February 11, 2010
T.M. asks from McKinney, TX
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My daughter is wanting to start babysitting. What is the going rate today? Is it $5/hour? I have mostly used family so I have no clue.

Thanks for your help!

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answers from Dallas on

I was just debating the same thing as we're going to try a new babysitter. She wants me to set the rate (smart!) and my gut is we'll do $8/hr and round up depending on timing. For older sitters I pay $10, so $8 feels right to me. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

We're here in the DFW area. My daughter is 18, and has been babysitting for years. Right now she has a local babysitting job for $4.00/hour per child through the week. It sort of depends on how frequent and how stable the job is...

She recently stayed for a Saturday night outing for another family for $40.00, one child.



answers from Jacksonville on

I have two daughters. My oldest gets abotu $7 an hour. Sometimes up to $10. She is 14. My youngest just started with our neighbor and she gets about $5 an hour. She is 12. When moms ask me I say whatever you feel is appropriate and usually that ends up being more than $5 an hour
With babysitting money, my girls get to keep a little bit and the rest goes into the bank.
My 14 year old wants a VW Bug and has saved enough for a used one already.



answers from Portland on

No more than $5 per hour if they are a young teenager. As they get older (17, 18) then minimum wage is appropriate.



answers from Minneapolis on

I work with middle school children and I believe the going rate that is "expected" is $5/hour. However, I nearly always pay between $8-$10/hour for my babysitters. If the babysitter is older, more experienced, or has CPR and First Aid training, I would pay a minimum of $10/hour ranging higher depending on what is expected. For young adolescents just starting out, I think asking for $5/hour is appropriate.



answers from Sacramento on

I think it varies a lot by geographic area. Here in Northern CA, we pay $15/hour for two kids. I suspect she can get at least $8/hour; $5/hour seems very low, but it may be different there in Texas.


answers from Dallas on

My daughter is 15 and she now babysits some. She never sets a price and she has never come home with less than $10/hour.

When we had a sitter, we guaranteed $40 no matter what (in case someone got sick, etc) and then we paid $10/hr on top of that. Our weekly dates were $60-80 for a sitter CASH.



answers from Topeka on

Wow...I am going to go to work as a babysitter!!! They make more than I do as Pharmacy Clerk!!! lol (AND theirs is tax free!!!)
Times have sure changed since my daughters ( now 27 -33 years old) were babysitting!!!
I would tell you to have her let the parents set the rate the first time or two...that will help her see what the going rate is in your area.



answers from San Francisco on

It varies a lot depending on where you live. Boston and California are very expensive (more than $15 is not exceptional)
According to rate calculator, in Texas, a young babysitter can expect around $9/hour.


answers from Chicago on

Don't know about Texas, but here in Chicagoland we pay about $10. I always pay more so I can find a sitter when I need one. If they know you pay well, they'll come back! I would bet people would pay her more than $5 if they value her service. :-)



answers from San Diego on

In SoCal & Seattle the average we've found is $10 p/h for 1 child, $15 for 2-3... that's in addition to providing food and tip, and if necessary a ride to and from (if a teenager). Nannies & other Pros usually cost $20-35 p/hr.

Next question: $5/Hr to babysitt...isn't That Low?