Babysitting Co-op in SW Burbs??

Updated on April 03, 2008
S.A. asks from Garner, NC
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Hi Moms!
Does anyone know of any babysitting co-ops in the SW burbs (I live in Lisle)?

I'm a single mom on a tight budget - and rarely go out because by the time I've paid for a babysitter, there's usually not much (if any!) $$ left to go out on... which sort of defeats the purpose.

If there isn't already a co-op, is there any interest in creating one? I'd love to trade childcare to go out once in awhile (I'm not talking every weekend or anything, maybe once a month or for a special occasion). I wouldn't mind trying to organize a babysitting co-op if there's some interest in one. Anyone interested?

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to let everyone know that shortly after posting this, all kinds of chaos struck and I ended up re-locating to North Carolina - so I never got the chance to organize the co-op. I still think it's a much needed group and hopefully one of you will take the reigns and organize one - it will really benefit all of you.

Good luck to you!

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answers from Omaha on

Hi S.,

I wish we lived closer to you guys! We are in North Aurora. Have you heard of or Those might me a couple of websites you can check into. We just moved here and a neighbor of mine has given me information on a babysitting coop in my area. This was the first time I had ever heard of this! Once I get in touch with this group I will see if they know of any in your area! We have been transplanted here and do not have any family in the area either.
I hope some of this helps!
Have a great day!

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answers from Chicago on

I am in Westmont and am also interested in joining/ starting a baby-sitting co-op. I have an 11 month old darling daughter and am very experienced in childcare. In fact, I have 5 years of teaching experience and am the oldest of 5 children--the constant baby-sitter!! My number is ###-###-####. A.



answers from Chicago on

I guess I must have overlooked this when I read through my digest. I live in Westmont. Similar situation. Also if you have any reccomendations on daycare in general I would appreciate it. I would definitly be interested in the coop.



answers from Chicago on

Hi S.
my name is S. and i also live in lisle..i have two boys 5 and 2. Maybe we can work something out..

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