Babys First Haircut

Updated on February 22, 2010
F.A. asks from Plano, TX
6 answers

my one year old needs a first haircut. Do you know of a good place to take him that will make it special? He is very squirmy!

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answers from Dallas on

my son was scared to death on his first haircut, he was squirmy also, the first couple of times we went to his Daddys barber which did not turn out so great. We started taking him to sports clips in The Colony, he now sits still and they treat him like he is a king. He was 2 when we started taking him there but it has been wonderful.



answers from Dallas on

Cool Cuts for Kids is a great place. They have a TV so you or your child can pick out a cartoon to watch. The chairs look like cars, and the hair stylists are used to 1st cuts. I think they take a picture and put it in a special card to commemorate the event.
There is one in Allen, but I'm sure they have other locations.



answers from Dallas on

WE go to an old fashion barber shop in Allen. It is interesting, not overwhelming or over stimulating and cheap.



answers from Indianapolis on

In Indiana, there is a place called Kids Cuts....I think that's the name, look on the internet for places that deal solely with doing childrens hair. Good luck!!


answers from Dallas on

Some Stride Rite's have a "kids" hair salon in the back. They are great with small children. I took my son for his first 5 or 6 hair cuts. They have tv's, but they also have blocks and different toys that keep their mind and attention away from the cut. I'm pretty sure they have one in Plano. The one we went to was in Lewisville. (Sherry was the woman that we used) I wish I could remember what they call the shops. Either way they were great and didn't cost a lot. Jaxson (my son) was squirmy too. They apparently are used to performing "first hair cuts". They also had baby zip locks to put some of the hair in. If you want to save some from his first cut..

Good luck


answers from Spokane on

Just google "kids cuts" in your area and then pack a sucker and let him sit on your lap if needed!

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