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Updated on January 29, 2009
D.R. asks from Miami, FL
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Hello Moms,

I have a question for you all...

who feeds their baby YO Baby yogurt? I have a 8 month old daughter whom I want to start feeding her baby yogurt but her Pediatrician says NO until 1 yr old and her G.I. says its ok to feed her the baby yogurt. So, I'm kinda confuse...should I or shouldnt I????is my question. Anyone has had a bad experience with baby yogurt at 8 months?

good experiences are welcome as well.


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answers from Miami on

Hello. My baby is 16months now and he has been eating yo-baby yogurt since....not exactly sure but away before 8 months. He loves it, actually even the days that he doesnt want to eat anything he ll eat the yogurt. Even 2-3 a day. He never had any problems at all. As a matter of fact I think it keeps his bowel regular. And they have the iron enriched one which came very handy when he didnt want to eat anything else.



answers from Miami on

All three of my children had yogurt beginning at 6 months. My recommendation would be to begin with PLAIN. As much as possible I purchased the Stonyfeld Farms (same maker of the yo baby). Horizon organic is also pretty good. I'm pretty sure I waited until they were a year old to introduce flavored yogurts like the Yo baby. My daughters never had formula before having yogurt and fortunately they were fine with it. You may want to consider if you or your husband have a lactose intolerance or if the baby has acid reflux, because my understanding is that in either case you should wait until 1 year. Hope this helps.



answers from Miami on

I'm an infant acid reflux Guru:

and so I say that some babies can handle it at 9 months or so- I introduce proteins (beans, meat, poultry)at 9 months-

I gave yobaby brand to my GERDling at 11 months or so.
Look for night wakings. Classic sign that the yogurt is affecting a baby...



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These doctors drive me insane sometimes. I have a 7 month old baby boy who I give YO baby yogurt since he was 6 months with his cereal in the morning. It's organic first of all and it's healthy for them. I'm extremely old school. My mother never gave her 6 kids baby food. She mashed everything they ate and gave it to us. She never gave us formula milk either she gave us cow milk and it never did anything to all of us. Now, don't get me wrong, every child is different but it won't hurt for you to give him a taste of it and see if he likes it and if he does continue. Believe me when I say that it's not going to do anything.

These doctors sometimes can be extremest.

Good Luck!



answers from Miami on

Hi D., I have fed my daughter that specific yogurt but I believe she was past the 1 year mark (she had terrible acid reflux so my doctor had me wait until she was past 1 year of age to feed her any dairy products as well as anything other than the Gerber foods). They're very creamy and light, not heavy on fruits and sugars, so if your daughter can already drink milk, I don't see why she couldn't have some yogurt. Maybe try introducing her to it little by little, like 1 spoon a day and then increase the amount of spoonfuls you give her, unless you see her reacting to it negatively. I would think that the GI is more knowledgeable on the subject than a pediatrician too because the GI specializes in digestion, so if the GI said to go for it, I would! Hope this helps



answers from Miami on

Hi, D.. Well, I never had any problems with feeding my baby yogurt. I gave it to him after he started eating othe solid foods. I wonder why the pediatrician said no? I know you shouldn't give it to a newborn, just like you shouldn't give honey to a newborn (even friendly bacteria can be harmuful to a newborn), but yogurt shouldn't be a problem.

See if you can possibly call the pedi's office and ask why he said not to feed yogurt to an 8 month old. Does your baby have an allergy to milk? He may be concerned about possible allergies to the fruit or other flavors mixed into the yogurt, too. If your baby has had other health issues, asthma, etc, those may be factors, especially where potential allergies are concerned. I would definitely try to get a better answer than just "no," because it's not what I would expect a pedi to say about yogurt.


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