Baby with Seizures?

Updated on October 28, 2008
H.M. asks from Wilton, ME
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I've already called the doctor today, and we're being evaluated this afternoon, but I'm feeling nervous and hoping someone can lend me an ear (and some reassuring advice!). Last night, at the table, my 9 mo daughter was playing and getting all excited and laughing. Then she'd stop suddenly, clench her hands into fists around the spoons she was holding, clench her teeth, hold her breath (and her face got red), extend her arms and shake for a couple of seconds. Then she'd stop a suddenly as she started, sit back and stare for a second, then resume her play. This continued, over and over 8 or 9 times, every minute or so for a few minutes. I'm wondering if anyone else has been through this with an infant, if it was a seizure or something else, and if you have any suggestions for us. And like I said, we're seeing the doc already this afternoon, just hoping for mom advice! TIA!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for the responses- it's nice to know I'm not alone out there! Her doc has decided he thinks it was due to her being constipated- she had been for a couple of days before this, but it had resolved that morning. He thinks she was aware of her poop coming down to the rectum and she was trying to stop it from coming out. He compared it to his own daughter, who is potty trained through EC, and aware of her own bm's. But thinking back, I don't know if I agree with him. She's done it before, and not been constipated (DH has seen her do it before a couple of times). So I guess I'll just take his word for it for now, and watch to see if she does it any more, and see if it's associated with eating. Thanks again!

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oh H. i'm so sorry this happened to your peanut. very scary when something goes wrong. my son had seizures when he was born. he does do things that the doctors question weather or not it maybe siezure activity. he does have brain damage from a bad birth expirence. thats a long story. but i know when my son does his strange things my heart always drops. the best thing to do is stay calm & keep your lil one safe during the episodes. your doctor may put her on a seizure medicine. & scehdule her for eeg's, cat scans, & mri's. all sound scary but cause no harm. if you need more info on the tests i listed just ask or if you have any questions about my son. i dont mind sharing. juat stay brave for your lil one & for yourself. take care. luv always C.



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My son Andrew had celebrial seizures when he was a baby too. I beleive its due to the nervous system not fully developed so it cant handle a sudden fever.All you do is put her on her side and have a cool clothe on her forhead.also the docters put him on phenabarbital( spelling maybe wrong)He out grew them a couple of years later.



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Wow that must be so scary. I have a friend whose baby did that at 5 weeks old. She was put on medication and did great. She was taken off it and has not had one in a long time I think. I hope all is well with your daughter. I wish I could be more help.



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Hi H.!
My soon-to-be 15 month old does this alllllll the time. Always in her high chair. I really think it's just super excitement. Does she stop when you touch her arm or leg? I think they are just flexing and seeing what they can do with their little selves. I'm suer Maia is fine! Good luck!



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So sorry - just noticed the date on your original request... not sure why this showed up on my page only today. I hope that it all worked out OK!

Hard to say but it does sound like a seizure. Push your physician to order an MRI scan for her asap. And/or get her into Children's Hospital in Boston to see a specialist.

Good luck! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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Hi H.,
I just want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and baby. And I hope everything is okay. After reading your request I felt for you because I have a 16 year step son who just starting have seizures and i know its a painful feeling to see that.

Just hoping everything works for you and Maia.


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